Searches in GUEBiPK: alleged name of “torpedo”-provoker disclosed

Searches in GUEBiPK: alleged name of “torpedo”-provoker disclosed

Searches in the MIA Main Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (GUEBiPK) may be related to executive director of the company AMI-Press Anton Arakcheev.⁠

The FSB conducted them today in GUEBiPK detaining two officers and escorting them to the Investigation Committee.

According to Life citing a source in law enforcement bodies, the most famous regular provocateurs in GUEBiPK are Nikolay Strakhov and Anton Arakcheev (Salochkin). Strakhov came on light only in two cases related to sports complexes Krylatskoe and Moskomsport; Arakcheev featured in a number of criminal cases.

According to the newspaper, the executive director of Ama-Press Anton Arakcheev previously wrote a letter to Head of the Moscow UEBiPK Yuri Vasilyev. In it he wrote that FMS inspectors called on him 200 thousand rubles for a "failure to take administrative sanctions against his company." The lawyer of FMS employees Dagir Khasavov told officer Arakcheev literally forcibly tried to provoke employees of the FMS to receive bribes. After that, the lawyer wrote a letter to the MIA BIA, on which asked to check GUEBiPK officers on relations with Arakcheev and other regular provocateurs.

Prosecutors confirmed this information to Life noting that not all succumbed to provocation. These were not left alone - the money planted to them, then seized and criminal proceedings was instituted.

In addition, many of the capital's courts knew about the existence of a permanent injured Arakcheev. It is noted that cases with his participation were heard mainly in 2011-2014 years, lawyer Roman Vernega told.

In particular, Arakcheev (former surname Salochkin) was a witness in a criminal case of bribery to tax inspector Dmitry Tishchenko-Romanchenko in 2012, representing the company LLC Auto Chance XXI century. It is noted that in some criminal cases the victim appeared under his previous name.

On December 8 searches in the apartments of 25th unit of the MIA GUEBiPK Department B (the public sector) employees were also conducted. In 2014 for similar crimes there were detained Head of the Russian Interior Ministry GUEBiPK Denis Sugrobov and his deputy Boris Kolesnikov. According to investigators, security forces officers tried to substitute the FSB officer, in particular, they planned to pass themselves off as businessmen and offer to take them "under the roof" for 10 thousand dollars a month.



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