Saratov road company to be fined 1 mln rub due to corrupt director

Saratov road company to be fined 1 mln rub due to corrupt director

In Saratov, Megastroy road company has been sentenced to a fine of 1 million rubles for the fact its director had bribed an official.

According to the regional prosecutor’s office, the company director was detained in June 2016 after he had given a bribe of 30 thousand rubles to an official from Volgodortrans teaching and research center. He paid this money as a 'thanking' for entering fake data about the quality of asphalt concrete placed by road workers in violation of the approved building codes.

November last year, the 42-year-old businessman was found guilty of bribing an official for committing wittingly unlawful actions (part 3 of Art. 291 of the Russian Criminal Code). The court sentenced him to imprisonment of 5 months and ordered to pay a fine of 300 thousand rubles.

Now law enforcement agencies have attracted the legal entity – the company headed by the corrupt businessman, to administrative responsibility. In accordance with part 1 of Art. 29.28 of the Russian Code on Administrative Offenses (illegal transfer of money to an official for the benefit of a legal entity for the commission of acts associated with its office), the organization is obliged to pay a fine in the amount of 1 million rubles.



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