Saratov Property Management Committee chairman detained for land fraud

Saratov Property Management Committee chairman detained for land fraud
Yelena Saleyeva

Yelena Saleyeva is charged with abuse of power.

The Chairman of the Property Management Committee of the Saratov city administration, Yelena Saleyeva, has been detained in a case Exceeding Official Powers (part 1 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) when allocating land for the construction of apartment houses, reports the press service of the regional prosecutor's office.

Earlier, Andrey Krasnov, the former Head of the Municipal Control Department of the Saratov city hall, was arrested on charges of taking bribes. According to investigators, between 2015 and 2016, he received bribes for 18 million rubles ($274 thousand) for issuing documents for construction on the municipal land plot in Zavodskoy district of the city.

This case was merged into a single proceeding with a case of abuse of authority by unidentified officials of the mayor’s office and its divisions when changing the permitted kinds of use of municipal land plots, initiated in August 2018. Saleyeva was detained as part of this case.

The press service of the Saratov administration informed that at the moment the official is on vacation. The administration is not aware of the investigative actions against Saleyeva, the press service noted.

The prosecutor’s office added that at present, the court is reviewing claims by the prosecutor’s office about the return of land plots that could be sold at an auction, but in fact dropped out of municipal property. The prosecutor's office, in particular, demanded through court to withdraw a plot in the 6th Dinamo deadlock from municipal unitary enterprise Saratov Municipal Capital Construction and Equipment, five more lawsuits against which have already been satisfied by the court.

In addition, according to the prosecutor's office, the Saratov arbitration is considering two claims against Ksian LLC on invalidating agreements to change the permitted type of use of six plots and return them to the city, as well as a claim against Stroyresurs LLC about returning 16 plots in Zonalny village of Volzhsky district.



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