Saratov police officer agreed to hide murder for $764

Saratov police officer agreed to hide murder for $764

A police officer is detained, an inspection has been initiated against him.

A Saratov police officer became a defendant in a corruption case - the investigation believes that he received a bribe in a significant amount with the help of an intermediary, the website of the regional ICR states.

It all started with the fact that in July 2018, several residents of the Saratov region beat a man to death. The attackers were sought by Engels district police officers, and as a result, three residents of the Rovnoye village were detained.

After their registration, the Deputy Head of police department No. 1 of Engels MIA, through an acquaintance, contacted the families of the persons involved in the case and offered them a deal - he promised to drop the case for 50 thousand rubles ($763.8).

Relatives of the suspects agreed and on August 21, 2018 they transferred the money through an intermediary. FSB officers later established the crime and detained the Deputy Head and the come-between.

The press service of the Main Directorate of MIA for the Saratov region reported that the employees of internal security department staff began a service check. “If the employee’s fault is confirmed, he will be dismissed from the internal affairs bodies, and his leaders will be brought to strict disciplinary responsibility. In addition, he will be liable in accordance with current legislation,” noted the police.



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