Samara’s best beat cop nabbed while taking bribe

Samara’s best beat cop nabbed while taking bribe
Alexander Velmatkin

The policeman took 50.000 rubles from a businessman and promised patronage and no prosecution.

MIA Security Service in the Samara region detained Alexander Velmatkin, a policeman from the village of Utevka, Neftegorsk district, while he was accepting a bribe, TLTgorod reported.

According to the news report, Velmatkin was inside his car when he took 50.000 rubles ($845) from a local businessman promising patronage and no prosecution on November 15. A Bribery case was initiated (Art. 290 of the Criminal Code). In November, Velmatkin was fired from the police for loss of trust and confidence.

Velmatkin was to participate in the finals of All-Russia contest People's Beat Cop, timed to the Day of the District Police Commissioner celebrated on November 17. The policeman took prizes in the previous two stages. He was named the best district superintendent of police in the Samara region. Before the bribery scandal, the regional office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had encouraged everyone to vote for Velmatkin in the last stage of the contest. The posts about it have been deleted from the site.

Alexander Velmatkin served as district police commissioner for 8 years. He was in charge of a district with 6500 people. Prior to that, Velmatkin had been a lecturer at the Samara Law Institute of the Russian FSIN (Penitentiary Service).



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