Samara official caught embezzling 150 thousand dollars during snow removal

Samara official caught embezzling 150 thousand dollars during snow removal

Head of the Samara municipal enterprise Blagoustroystvo Aleksey Vlasov has been convicted of budget funds embezzlement.

A criminal case has been initiated against the official.

According to the Russian General Prosecutor's Office, the official has been charged with embezzlement of budget funds intended for snow removal from the city. During the investigation, experts found that Aleksey Vlasov on behalf of Blagoustroystvo municipal enterprise had signed a contract with Delta LLC for the reception and accommodation of 150 thousand tons of snow at a private landfill. The contract price amounted to 8.7 million rubles. Meanwhile, there are 6 landfills intended for these purposes

 in the territory of Samara; their total capacity is 500 thousand tons of snow. 

Despite the fact that the snow from streets could have been placed in the existing landfills for free, Vlasov has concluded a contract with the private firm and managed to withdraw 22 thousand dollars (1.3 million rubles) – this amount has been transferred to the company's account. When the fraud scheme was out in the open, he tried to explain his actions by saying that the municipal landfills had already been filled with snow. However, as the check has shown, they are loaded with about 6 thousand tons, which is 1.5% of their total capacity. 

A criminal case on suspicion of embezzlement on an especially large scale has been initiated against the official. He has been dismissed. Let us add that he was appointed to this post on September 12 last year. Prior to that, he was head of the Saratov municipal unitary enterprise Gorodskie Dorogi Plus and the municipal budgetary institution Domostroy, the inspection of which also revealed large embezzlement.



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