Samara Ministry of Property deputy head removed from office

Samara Ministry of Property deputy head removed from office
Anton Bekin

Deputy Head of the Ministry of Property Relations for the Samara region Anton Bekin, who is currently under investigation, has been removed from his post and transferred to a benefit equal to the minimum subsistence level.

The Samara District Court has decided to suspend Anton Bekin from office; the official is under investigation on charges of abuse of official powers.

According to investigative bodies, while being acting minister of Property Relations, Anton Bekin had a hand in concealment of a number of violations, which were subsequently identified as part of Stroykontrol FSUE check. Back then, law enforcers opened a criminal case against Head of FSUE Andrey Golubtsov; he was charged with abuse of official powers. From the materials of the investigation, it became obvious that Anton Bekin had also been involved in the committed crime. A criminal case has been initiated against him as well.

At the investigating authorities' request, the Samara District Court has decided to dismiss the official from his position for the time of investigation.

According to investigation, Head of Stroykontrol FSUE Andrey Golubtsov used to illegally spend the organization's means for the maintenance of vehicles used by the first persons of the Ministry of Construction. As for the amount, we are talking about 9 million rubles (154 thousand dollars).

The criminal case against Anton Bekin was initiated back in April 2016 under part 1 of Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code (Abuse of Official Powers). It is being investigated by FSB officers.

It is noteworthy that in April last year, the Samara District Court had already ruled on the official's dismissal from his post, but this year the district court canceled this decision and sent the material for revision. As a result, the Samara District Court once again satisfied the investigation's request and decided to remove Bekin from office for the duration of the investigation. It should be noted that the court also obliged the financial and economic department of the Samara regional FSB to pay Anton Bekin a monthly allowance equaling to the subsistence minimum, i.e. 10.678 rubles (183 dollars).⁠



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