Samara deputy prosecutor suspected of bribe-taking

Samara deputy prosecutor suspected of bribe-taking
Photo: Oleg Kharseyev / Kommersant

According to investigators, Oleg Anischenko, deputy prosecutor of Promyshlenny district, received 200 thousand rubles for refusing to change the article of a suspect in illegal gambling activity for a graver one.

The prosecutor of Promyshkenny district of Samara, Oleg Anischenko, became a defendant in a criminal case on Bribe-Taking (item (c), part 5 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), the press service of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Samara region reports. The official is suspected of receiving 200 thousand rubles ($2.9 thousand) for not changing the article of a suspect in Illegal Organising and Conducting Games of Chance (Article 171.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) for a graver one.

According to the investigation, Anischenko received money the day before, on December 6, from a local resident in his office. A criminal case on Mediation in Bribery (item (b), part 3 of Art. 291.1 of the Criminal Code) was initiated against a suspect in the transfer of the bribe. The question of detention of both suspects is being considered. Tomorrow, December 8, a petition will be sent to the court to elect a preventive measure for them.

According to site, Anischenko was dismissed by the decision of the prosecutor of the Samara region, Konstantin Bukreyev.

Earlier, TASS reported that the deputy prosecutor of Zheleznodorozhny district of Samara, Valery Ulitin, was also detained on suspicion of taking a bribe. Ulitin and Anischenko were suspected of receiving 300 thousand rubles ($4.4 thousand). In turn, State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshteyn wrote on his Twitter account that the amount of bribes of both deputy prosecutors is 500 thousand rubles ($7.4 thousand).



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