Samara: construction department head accused of taking another bribe of $80.000

Samara: construction department head accused of taking another bribe of $80.000
Sergey Rubakov

Earlier, Sergey Rubakov had been placed under house arrest in the case on mediation in bribery.

A second criminal case has been opened against the Head of Samara construction department, Sergey Rubakov.

As reported by the Investigation Department of the local Investigative Committee, the official accepted 5 million rubles ($84.400) from a commercial firm director in his office in May. In return, the department head promised to assist the businessman in changing the technical conditions for connecting a certain building to the storm sewer that the bribe-giver’s company had designed. The investigation established that in fact, Rubakov was not able to help the entrepreneur, having no authority to do so. So, the criminal actions of the high-ranking official were regarded as Swindling (part 4 of Art. 159 of Russian Criminal Code).

The CrimeRussia reminds that Sergey Rubakov was detained red-handed early in June when he was accepting 2.5 million rubles ($42.200) from a local businessman. The official was allegedly to hand over the money to law enforcement officials to have the charges against the man dropped. The investigators started a case under part 5 of Art. 291.1 of the Criminal Code (Promise or Proposal to Mediate in Bribery). The officials that were supposed to ultimately get the bribe have not been established.

Sergey Rubakov is under house arrest pending trial.



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