Sakhalin invites tourists to relax in Khoroshavin’s residence  

Sakhalin invites tourists to relax in Khoroshavin’s residence
Uyun Recreational Center Photo: official site

Not everybody can afford to spend time “like a governor.” Daily cost of house rent in Uyun is from 30 to 48 thousand rubles.

The former residence of ex-Governor of Sakhalin Aleksandr Khoroshavin, who is currently in custody on corruption charges, has been reconstructed into a recreation center. There are comfortable houses, sauna, and gym on the territory of the tourist complex.

Sakhalin government’s recreational center Uyun is located in an ecologically clean area near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. As it is said on the recently opened tourist center’s website, where you can view the accommodation prices and book a room, “all buildings fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape, and the organic combination of comfort and the pristine beauty of the surrounding nature create ideal conditions for recreation.”

It should be noted that prices for accommodation are consistent with “the governor’s" status of the tourist center. One night in a standard room in a guest house costs 9,564 rubles, de luxe suite — 20,287 rubles. Per day rent of an average house is 47,675 rubles, that of a small house – 29,761 thousand.

According to SakhalinMediа, this tourist destination is supervised by Sakhalin Tourist Information Center.

The former Sakhalin Governor was arrested on suspicion of bribe-taking and OCG creation in March 2015. According to investigation bodies, the total amount received from Sakhalin businessmen bribe by the organized crime group members reached 522 million rubles.

As previously reported by the Crime Russia, on the eve of his detention, Khoroshavin resided continuously in the Uyun Recreational Center. It was in this place that law enforcers found and confiscated large sums of money.

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