Sakhalin ex-governor’s Lexus and rare Volga auctioned off

Sakhalin ex-governor’s Lexus and rare Volga auctioned off
Alexander Khoroshavin’s Lexus

A certain Elona Khryanina purchased both cars.

The SUV Lexus LX 570, confiscated from Sakhalin ex-head, Alexander Khoroshavin, has been sold for almost 2.5 million rubles ($37.100). A rare 1968’s Volga GAZ-21 that used to belong to the former official before it was seized has also been sold for the same sum.

A certain Elona Khryanina purchased both cars, and both times she had to up her offers.

The initial price of the Lexus was 1.056.800 rubles (60% less than the original value). There were many offers and the managers even had to reject several applications. The price could be upped by 52.840 rubles at a time. Khryanina had the best offer, 2.483.480 rubles.

The final price the woman will pay for the Volga is four times the initial one. The bidding started at 626.500 rubles. The participants could up the price by 31.325 rubles at a time; Khryanina offered 2.568.650 rubles.

The Federal Property Management Agency noted that the money would be transferred to the federal budget.

Two other cars confiscated from Khoroshavin were sold in the spring of this year: a Bentley Mulsanne (6.700.000 rubles or $99.400) and a Bentley Continental (5.900.000 rubles or $87.600).

Khoroshavin was suspected of bribery and detained in 2015. In February 2018, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison, and 1.800.000.000 rubles’ worth of money and property ($26.713.361) was transferred to state ownership.



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