Sakhalin ex-Governor Khoroshavin charged with corruption suffers stroke

Sakhalin ex-Governor Khoroshavin charged with corruption suffers stroke
Alexander Khoroshavinv

Sakhalin ex-Governor Alexander Khoroshavin, whose $30m-property had been seized, has had a stroke. "He has vascular disorders in the brain," said his lawyer.

Alexander Khoroshavin, the former Governor of the Sakhalin region charged with corruption, has suffered a stroke. He was arrested in 2015, then, Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika said his property worth 1.8 billion rubles ($30m) had been seized in April 2017. The news was reported by Khoroshavin's lawyer Olga Artyukhova quoted by RIA Novosti.

"Computer tomography of the brain revealed that Alexander Vadimovich [Khoroshavin] had suffered a stroke; he has vascular disorders in the brain. His continuous complaints about chest pains are alarming. It seems to us that this was triggered by heart dysfunction", the agency quoted Artyukhova as saying.

She added that she had visited her client in jail that day and saw that Khoroshavin "had high pressure that never gets below 130." Doctors advised that he should have a comprehensive checkup, and according to the prison doctor, it will be continued next week.

Another person involved in the case, Khoroshavin’s former adviser Andrei Ikramov, also complains about his health condition. On August 2, he fainted in the courtroom, they called an ambulance and took him to hospital. The lawyer said that before each court meeting they take the defendants’ pressure and send certificates to the court that then decides whether to consider the case on that day.

Before Ikramov's condition worsened, he had complained that FSB officers would come to his cell on regular basis. According to his lawyer, Ikramov said that the officers "suggested that he should give false testimony against Khoroshavin in exchange for a nine-year prison term." He asked the court to protect him from the pressure. “Whether it’s good or bad for Ikramov I do not know, but there has been pressure indeed," said Artyukhova.

Apart from Khoroshavin, the case also features Sergey Karepkin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Sakhalin region, and Nikolai Borisov, Minister of Agriculture. The investigation believes that they regularly took large bribes from entrepreneurs in exchange for state contracts, subsidies and acceptance of performed work between 2009 and 2015. The estimated amount they received reaches 522 million rubles ($8.6m).

Khoroshavin was arrested in March 2015. During the investigation, he and his relatives turned out to own property worth 1.1 billion rubles ($18m). The defense has repeatedly appealed the arrest of the property that is not in the declarations, as well as of jewelry, money and watches.

In April 2017, Chaika said that Khoroshavin’s illegally acquired property worth 1.8 billion rubles ($30m) had been seized.



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