Russian Post’s CEO still not on trial for 95-million-ruble bonus

Russian Post’s CEO still not on trial for 95-million-ruble bonus
Dmitry Strashnov Photo: RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich

While the Prosecutor General's Office is awaiting a response from the investigators, the prosecutors and the Ministry of Communications are going to tackle the illegal payments Dmitry Strashnov received.

The Russian Investigative Committee seems to be in no hurry to open a criminal investigation regarding the illegal payments to Russian Post’s CEO Dmitry Strashnov amounting to 95 million rubles. The substantial bonus had been revealed in late November during an audit of the unitary enterprise.

Aleksander Kurennoi, the official spokesman of the Prosecutor General’s office highlighted that the agency is reluctant to start the proceedings under Art. 201 of the Criminal Code (Abuse of Authority).

"They have at least 10 days to consider the issue, but they also have the right to extend the deadline. I think, by the end of December they should decide," TASS quoted Kurennoi.

The inspection reports have been submitted to the Investigative Committee regarding two other department directors with the Ministry of Communications responsible for the bonus payment to the CEO. They should be assessed for signs of crime under Art. 293 of the Criminal Code (Neglect of Duty).

We should also mention that on December 8, prosecutors will meet with the Ministry of Communications to tackle, among other things, the bonus issue Dmitry Strashnov got.

"We have a meeting scheduled with them (the Prosecutor General’s office) on Thursday, we are going to address the concerns they voiced", said Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov answering the question of whether the Ministry sent a response to the Prosecutor's office.

Russian Post’s CEO stated earlier that his 2014 bonus had been calculated in accordance with the existing rules and all the controversy surrounding its legality are simply an overreaction. Strashnov also said he was not going to renounce his 95 millions unless the Government cancels bonuses as such.



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