Russian Post head denies buying $15mn apartment 

Russian Post head denies buying $15mn apartment
Nikolay Podguzov

The cost of apartment was ‘mere’ 100 million rubles ($1.5 million).

Head of Russian Post Nikolay Podguzov has reported on the cost of his new apartment in Moscow. According to him, journalists overestimated the cost of 10 times, in fact, it does not exceed 100 million rubles. In addition, the official said he bought the apartment for mortgage.

Previously, The Insider reported that the official had acquired luxury apartments in the Knightsbridge Private Park residential complex in Moscow’s Khamovniki district for 1 billion rubles ($15 million).

“Under the contract of sale, the value of the acquired property was less than 100 million rubles, 75% of which was financed through a mortgage and the remaining part was financed by own means,” Podguzov said.


RNS reports that when asked by journalists, Russian Post's press service confirmed the transparent property status of the official. According to it, Podguzov declared all expenses; before buying a new apartment, he sold two other apartments in Moscow.



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