Russian employee of Bombardier arrested for bribe in Sweden

Russian employee of Bombardier arrested for bribe in Sweden
Former chairman of Antalbank management Mikhail Yanchuk

The local police also suspects top managers of the known transport holding of corruption transactions in Russia and Azerbaijan.

The city court of Stockholm sent citizen of Russia, an employee of the Swedish department of the known Canadian company Bombardier, into custody. This was reported by Novaya Gazeta. The name of the arrested is still unknown. The newspaper notes that active actions of the Swedish police were caused by investigation of Novaya Gazeta and the Center for a research of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP) within the so-called ‘Panama file’.

According to it, Russian representative office of Bombardier is connected with businessman Alexey Krapivin, son of the adviser and close friend of former head of JSC Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, through offshores.

The newspaper reminds that even in 2014 the Reuters agency published data on bank accounts of several hundred companies, which from 2007 to 2010 received billions of rubles from Russian Railway under state contracts. These companies mediated transferring only a part of total amount to contractors, and removed the main share through firms - phony companies in offshores. On statements behind all these companies there was one group of people led by Krapivin Sr.

By calculations of Slon portal only for 2012-13 the companies of Krapivin and his closest business partners could be enriched due to state monopoly for 200 billion rubles.

Bombardier delivers to Russia - equipment for the railroads - Ebilock-950. In 1996 Russian Railway and Bombardier created joint business - Bombardier Transportation Signal, the founder of which from foreign partner, the Swedish department of the company, acted, also being the chief developer Ebilock. For the last 15 years these systems of automation of arrows and signals in Russia equipped 150 railway stations.

In spite of the fact that since 2011 production of devices is partially performed in Russia, separate details of the equipment are still imported. And the Swedish police could interest why the way of a delivered goods from Sweden to Russia passes through the British Virgin Islands and Great Britain.

The newspaper found out that through offshore Krapivin sold Ebilock-950 made by the Swedish department Bombardier of the British company Multiserv Overseas Ltd, which in turn should  send it to Azerbaijan.

In 2013 the consortium led by Bombardier Transportation won the tender for equipment by the Swedish systems of 13 stations for 288 million dollars in this country. Works were conducted there by the Russian department Bombardier. Thus it turns out that the Swedish company delivered the equipment to ‘daughter’ at least through two offshore intermediaries.

It is known also that Multiserv was registered in London in 2010, and its first director was one of Krapivin's partners - Yury Obodovsky.

According to the newspaper, on the same ‘curve’ way Ebilock-950 could also arrive to Russia. For example, from 2012 to 2014 the Russian Bombardier Transportation bought from the British Multiserv Overseas Ltd the equipment for tens of million euros. Besides, Elteza company also did shopping for hundreds of thousands of euros at Multiserv- for 50% belonging to the Russian Bombardier.



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