Russia’s Siberia: military school deputy director embezzles money allocated for children’s food

Russia’s Siberia: military school deputy director embezzles money allocated for children’s food
Andrey Reshedko

Siberia military school deputy director for economy Andrey Reshedko is facing trial in the City of Novosibirsk.⁠

He was charged with embezzling money allocated for children’s food.

The case file and an approved indictment have been referred to the Dzerjinsky Disctrict Court (Novosibirsk). Investigators initially believed Reshedko stole more than 15 million rubles. However, this amount was reduced more than 5 times.

The information about embezzlement of the food money in the school came to light in the fall of 2016. The local Public Prosecutors’ Office inspected the school after parents of the children complained multiple times. The criminal case was opened for violation of part 4 of Article 159 (Swindling Committed by a Person through his Official Position, as well as on a Large Scale) of the Russian Criminal Code as a result.

Money allocated by the Novosibirsk City Hall for food for social security beneficiaries were embezzled by the school, according to investigation specialists. The money was embezzled by means of overstating food prices and amounts of food bought. The money for children’s food was embezzled between 2013 and 2016, as it turned out.

Andrey Reshedko, school supply agent Konstantin Galay, and Kondor-Soyuz (the supplier company) CEO Yana Tkachuk were sent to remand center on the Russian Investigative Committee Novosibirsk Department’s request in May of 2016.

It is worth mentioning that Andrey Reshedko said he is an “honest citizen and did not commit those crime” during the trial. 2 other defendants also pleaded not guilty. The Court later softened their pre-trial restrictions and released them under house arrest.

The police estimated the Novosibirsk budget suffered 2.665 million rubles ($43.800) in damages. The City Hall is the victim in the case.



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