Rostov region deputy governor detained in case of embezzlement in construction of World Cup 2018 stadium 

Rostov region deputy governor detained in case of embezzlement in construction of World Cup 2018 stadium
Sergey Sidash Photo: Social networks

Sergey Sidash is suspected of Exceeding Official Powers.

Law enforcement bodies have detained Deputy Governor for Housing and Utilities Sector of the Rostov region, Sergey Sidash. This is reported by TASS referring to a source in te region’s security agencies.

The official’s working office and his house have been searched. Security officials have searched documents.

The official is suspected of Exceeding Official Powers (part 3 of Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code). It concerns abuse in the construction of the Rostov Arena stadium. It is expected that the court will soon elect a preventive measure for Sidash.

As reported by Vystrel v Golovu via Telegram, Sidash approved the holding of tenders without the necessary adjustments of the project for the construction of stadium infrastructure in Rostov-on-Don for the 2018 World Cup.

Previously, Director of Rostovoblstroyzakazchik, Sergey Mishchenko, and Minister of Construction of the Rostov region, Nikolay Bezuglov, were also arrested as part of the case.

Acting as the contractor of works at the stadium for the 2018 World Cup, Mishchenko’s company supplied lower quality sand, as stated in the documents. Due to the price difference, 223 million rubles ($3.45 million) were stolen. 

A criminal case under Abuse of Official Powers was initiated against Bezuglov.

In addition, as reported by Izvestiya, a criminal case of swindling was also initiated against co-founder of Dontransgidromekhanizatsiya, Valentin Levanov, and its Director General, Andrey Androsov. It is known that the company was responsible for the landscaping of the site. 

According to the publication’s sources, Russia is currently preparing a large-scale verification of contractual obligations of the contractors and subcontractors who built other World Cup stadiums. 

Caption Photo: Police footage
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