Rosteс initiates over 200 criminal cases

Rosteс initiates over 200 criminal cases
Sergey Chemezov

Sergey Chemezov said that the assets had been under the control of criminal groups or had been alienated illegally.

Rosteс CEO Sergey Chemezov said in a speech to the Federation Council that over 200 criminal cases had been started following the checks initiated by Rostec and the damages worth more than 6 billion rubles ($103m) had been prevented.

"Some of the assets were under the control of criminal groups or were alienated illegally," said Chemezov to the Federation Council.

The estimated total loss of the corporation is 61 billion rubles ($1bn), Chemezov added.

In late September, ex-CEO of Aeroporibor-Voskhod (Rosteс’s subsidiary) Yuri Varnyakov was arrested. He was accused of embezzling 20 million rubles ($344.280) from the company. Another ongoing investigation concerns 2.5 billion rubles ($43m) stolen from Rosteс. According to the investigation, Murad Safin, the ex-CEO of Compass Design Bureau (Rosteс’s subordinate company), and Sinai CEO Oleg Chernov created an organized criminal community in 2008 to steal budget funds coming to the accounts of Compass Design Bureau. The management of the enterprise significantly overstated the price list for works, making shell companies the Executors under the contracts. A source of the CrimeRussia reported that it was Nikolai Volobuev, the Rostec deputy CEO, who had gathered the compromising evidence on the speculators. His duties include supervising the corporation’s performance regarding the FSB.



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