Rosneft security service — Path into corruption 

Rosneft security service — Path into corruption
Rosneft has been caught on corruption

In the time when Rosneft security service was led by Vasily Yurchenko, the company started to get involved in corruption scandals. The CrimeRussia reveals some of the behind-the-scenes-struggle in the hornets’ nest.

The case of Economic Development Minister Alexey Ulyukaev encouraged to take a closer look at Rosneft itself, which was the source of the high official’s troubles. Certain sources imply that the operation to arrest Ulyukaev was arranged by the Head of Rosneft security service, former FSB officer Oleg Feoktistov, also known as General Fix. He has been officially working in the company since September. However, the CrimeRussia has obtained a document telling who led this division before and what corruption schemes it was involved in.

In August 2015, infamous MIA General Vasily Yurchenko became the Acting Vice-President - the Head of Rosneft security service. He brought his associates and co-workers along with him, and they immediately mastered all schemes of corporate fraud and lobbying controlled commercial structures. For his deputy, Yurchenko appointed Alexander Tyulenev, who oversaw the department of economic security. Yurchenko and Tyulenev had known each other since the time of service in the Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) in the Moscow region, which Yurchenko had previously headed. Tyulenev got there in 2011 after he had failed at re-certification at the rank of the Police Lieutenant Colonel and had been dismissed from the internal affairs bodies for corruption. However, for the correct execution of Yurchenko’s orders associated with taking bribes for protecting drug traffickers, after 1.5 years Tyulenev was awarded the rank of police major general.

Василий Юрченко

It should be noted that Yurchenko dealt with all corruption issues in Rosneft solely through Tyulenev, who he fully trusted. It was Tyulenev who came up with a corruption scheme of lobbying interests in the form of huge contracts for controlled firms in exchange for 10% kickbacks.

However, Tyulenev failed to make his career in Rosneft, and the company's management became aware of the numerous bribes. On July 4, 2016, Tyulenev was fired personally by Igor Sechin.

However, even after this Tyulenev’s influence did not wane, and he continued to take part in all corruption schemes engineered by security officers. In particular, according to our source, Tylenev organized the transfer of $ 200 thousand bribe from one of the landlords of the Tuapse refinery to Yurchenko. These funds were received from the representatives of the Hermes Trade House LLC for non-prosecution of the latter as accomplices in scandalous criminal cases against the former Rosneft Vice President for capital construction, Andrey Votinov, and the ex-director of the Vse Lyudi Ravni group of companies, Tuapse city council member Alexander Firichenko. They were accused of stealing more than 100 million rubles that belonged to Rosneft. In order to cover up the bribe, Yurchenko ordered the Deputy Head of RN-Tuapse Refinery Economic Security, Anton Grachev, to conclude an amicable agreement with Hermes. In turn, Sechin was briefed on effective procedures to minimize risks, since the machinations of these would-be managers had made it possible to withdraw the lawsuits against the Tuapse refinery and save Rosneft’s money.

Александр Тюленев

Another participant of the company’s shady schemes was the deputy head of Rosneft security service, responsible for regional security division, Ural Latypov. He also came to the company from FSKN in the Moscow region, where he was Yurchenko’s Deputy for investigation. Being the Head of the Investigative Service, Latypov received major bribes, including expensive real estate in the Moscow region. He reclassified the criminal proceedings from drug dealing to drug possession, thereby helping dealers to avoid deserved punishment and get off with minimum terms of imprisonment, or even conditional terms. In January 2016, Latypov retired from the FSKN, although in fact it was an attempt to flee from prosecution. His subordinates (a group of investigators, including Latypov’s replacement, Valery Ayupov) were detained by officers of the FSB Department M and FSKN Internal Audit Department for bribery. Ayupov promised not to testify on Latypov for being the leader of a criminal group, and in exchange the latter promised to feed his family, should he go to jail.

According to the source of the CrimeRussia, having entered Rosneft, Latypov developed a scheme to sell positions in subsidiaries, namely those of deputy director generals for economic safety. The buyer was then given 3 months to naturalize, and after that the sellers started demanding monthly tribute, with its amount established by Yurchenko.

Латыпов Ю.А..JPG

In particular, the cash flows were detected from the following deputy director generals for economic security of the Rosneft subsidiaries: Dmitry Lozhkin (RN-Okhrana Private Secuty Company), Anton Grachev (RN-Tuapse Refinery) and many others, appointed to their positions during the time Vasily Yurchenko was in office. Moreover, in case they refused or were unable to pay the money, Latypov gave the order to illegally collect compromising materials on them and carry out unscheduled inspections that served as the ground for dismissal from Rosneft.

Recently, Latypov began to distance himself from Yurchenko, making it look like they had a conflict and aiming to befriend the new head of Rosneft" security service Oleg Feoktistov and retain his profits.

Finally, there is yet another person who came in Rosneft from the FSKN Department in the Moscow region thanks to Yurchenko — the RN-Trans deputy general director for economic security, Mikhail Akzhigitov. He started his fight against drugs after failing at re-certification in 2010. According to our source, Akzhigitov owed his promotion exclusively to Yurchenko. After his dismissal from law enforcement, Akzhigitov became RN-Inform deputy director general for economic security. However, even in a new place, he showed his utter lack of professionalism and inability to organize effective work. During his office, the performance indicators fell across the board. In fact, his inaction and incompetence led the company to liquidation.

Михаил Акжигитов

Yurchenko’s influence in Rosneft could not have started from scratch, and he gave a curious explanation for it himself. In the early 2000s, his son Igor had a relationship with Sechin’s daughter - Inga. Yurchenko Sr. was the one who encouraged their romance, since ties with Sechin could open huge opportunities for him. However, Inga chose a more eminent contender and married the son of the former Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov - Dmitry. By now, Yurchenko, Jr. has already become a defendant in a number of major criminal cases associated with scandals and scams in IT. However, thanks to his influential father, who used all possible administrative resources and employed expensive lawyers, he still walks free.

Yurchenko’s ties with the scandalous Department T (which fights crimes in fuel and energy complex) of the MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption (GAESCC) deserve special attention. The said division is engaged in the operational support of the criminal cases against the former management of Tuapse Refinery and its contractors — RiteylInvestGrupp LLC and Vse Lyudi Ravni LLC. In August 2015, Yurchenko agreed with former Head of the Directorate T, Alexander Tischenko and his deputy, notorious Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, to institute these criminal cases. These high-ranking police officers repeatedly visited Yurchenko in the building of Rosneft at Sofiyskaya naberezhnaya and received instructions from him.

сын Юрченко В.Н.

As a form of gratitude, in addition to the money for the service rendered, General Yurchenko lobbied the appointment of his junior colleagues to senior positions, through an old friend of his, Deputy Interior Minister Mikhail Vanichkin. This way, Tischenko became the GAESCC deputy head and Zakharchenko (though not for long) — the Acting Head of the GAESCC Department T.

However, Zakharchenko’s story is now over and Yurchenko was replaced by Feoktistov. The man who supervised a number of high-profile case during his office in FSB, such as the detention of GAESCC Head, Lieutenant-General Denis Sugrobov and his deputy, Major-General Boris Kolesnikov in 2014; the arrest of Sakhalin region Governor Alexander Khoroshavin, the arrest of Head of the Republic of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer and officials from his administration. In 2016, Feoktistov’s colleagues detained Vladivostok Mayor Igor Pushkarev, and, finally, his department arrested the Kirov region governor Nikita Belykh. However, only time will tell what the Rosneft security service will now look like, who will gain and who will lose from it. For now, the fight against corruption goes easier if represented by other agencies, as we saw in the case of Ulyukaev.

P.S. The source, who provided us with the facts, sent a formal request to the Prosecutor General's Office, the Investigative Committee and the Presidential Administration, receiving a reply from the latter that the request has been accepted and forwarded to the relevant authorities.



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