Rosneft inspired by Ministry of Economic Development Head’s arrest

Rosneft inspired by Ministry of Economic Development Head’s arrest
Rosneft spokesman Mikhail Leontiev Photo: RIA Novosti / Maksim Blinov

The spokesman of the company Mikhail Leontiev called the actions of law enforcement agencies in relation to Ulyukaev "a brilliant job".

The Vice-President and press secretary of Rosneft Mikhail Leontiev commented on the detention of the Minister of the Economic Development and Trade Alexey Ulyukaev suspected of extorting bribes from oil companies.

"I think that the citizens of Russia and we are encouraged by the Minister Ulyukaev’s detention," - National News Service quoted Leontiev.

The press secretary of Rosneft called the actions of the investigation "a brilliant job" in the comments to He also noted that the Head of the company Igor Sechin does not intend to comment on the detention of the Minister.

In addition, according to Mikhail Leontiev, the transaction for the purchase of Bashneft state shares is not in danger. Recall, back in July, Ulyukaev called Rosneft “an improperly buyer" and in early October the financial and economic bloc of the Government has changed this point of view.

"The quality and content of the transaction have not been subject to investigation, the ICR, by the way, said it. The deal is absolutely correct, it passed all legislative approval," - the press-secretary expressed his opinion to MK. In the commentary to Life Leontiev stressed that during the transaction representatives of Rosneft have repeatedly drawn attention "to the very strange behavior" of various officials.

As previously the CrimeRussia reported, on the eve the Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexey Ulyukaev was caught red-handed by the ICR employees with the operational support of the Internal Security Department of the FSB. Ulyukaev is suspected of extorting a bribe of $ 2 million from the representatives of Rosneft. The official demanded money for a positive conclusion, which allowed the company to buy 50% of Bashneft state-owned shares.

Sources reported that Ulyukaev has been under the supervision of law enforcement officers for over a year. However, the investigation has kept the Minister on the hook in the past two months, the court sanctioned the wiretapping of official’s and his entourage’s phones. Apparently, telephone conversations and personal correspondence became the reason for the Ulyukaev’s detention.

Note that currently the Head of the Ministry of Economic Development is interrogated in the ICR.



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