Roskosmos CEO has 750 million rubles worth of property 

Roskosmos CEO has 750 million rubles worth of property
Vladimir Evdokimov in the courtroom

The state corporation’s executive Vladimir Evdokimov bought a number of elite houses in Moscow and the region and made his family members their legal owners.

New details have been unveiled during the investigation of the criminal case of theft from MiG that features Roskosmos CEO Vladimir Evdokimov and JSC Nauchno Tehnichesky Center ex-CEO Aleksandr Zolin as defendants.

According to Life, three persons accused of embezzling 200 million rubles from MiG bought a number of expensive apartments in Moscow, as well as land plots and villas in the upscale district of Barvikha. This was revealed when their assets came to the investigators’ attention.

Notably, the defendants turned out to own apartments, detached houses and land plots officially belonging either to them or to their family members, worth $750 million.

For instance, investigators found the Roscosmos CEO possessed an expensive mansion in Razdory village that is in Rublevo residence near Barvikha.


Exclusive: Vladimir Evdokimov's mansion in Razdory village

The house has an estimated value of at least 400 million rubles, wrote Life. Apart from the elite house, Evdokimov is actually a legal owner of two lad plots worth another 100 million rubles.

In addition, the investigation has information that Evdokimov owns a 20-million-ruble two-bedroom apartment in Central Federal District’s Poliny Osipenko Street.

Other defendants in the case are: MiG-Rost ex-CEO Aleksey Ozerov, Akim Noskov – ex-CEO of JSC Vertoliotnaya Servisnaya Kompaniya (Helicopter Service Company) and his deputy Andreev.

Besides, Ozerov, Andreev and Noskov’s brother, PSC Tupolev deputy CEO Egor Noskov are involved in another high-profile case regarding a theft of real estate from MiG that happened in the early 2000s.

Life wrote that Noskov brothers’ property is only slightly less expensive than that of Evdokimov’s. Investigators found that Noskov brothers, who had been accused of a large-scale fraud, actually own a luxurious house in the Odintsovo district, land, several apartments and a dacha in Zvenigorod. In this town alone, the brothers and Akim Noskov’s wife legally own 60 million rubles worth of real estate. Besides, Noskovs have a two-bedroom apartment on Moscow Taganskaya Street worth about 40 million rubles, and a three-bedroom apartment at the Lomonosov Prospect in elite Dominion Residential Complex. This is the very complex where Dmitry Zakharchenko’s 8.5 billions were found in September 2016. According to Life, a 105 square meters’ apartment in Dominion costs at least 70 million rubles.


Dominion Residential Complex

Currently, the investigators are looking into the defendants’ receipts and expenditures at the time of the purchases. There is reason to believe that the property had been acquired using fraudulently obtained money. Soon, the investigation intends to obtain a conservatory attachment from the court.

Interestingly, Evdokimov stated his 2015 income was 15 million rubles. In addition, the Roskosmos CEO declared four apartments in Russia, an apartment in Latvia, a land plot of ​​about 16 square meters and a Mercedes GL350 SUV. Evdokimov's wife partially owns 3 plots of land, two villas, two garden houses, 5 apartments in Russia, an apartment in Latvia and an apartment in Malta and a parking space. She uses three cars: Mercedes ML-350, Chevrolet Aveo and Mazda. In 2015, she earned almost half of her husband’s salary, 8 million rubles.

We should remind that the arrested Roscosmos CEO in charge of Quality and Reliability has been charged with large-scale swindle of 200 million rubles being a gang member.



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