Roscosmos does not want to finance Vostochny spaceport anymore

Roscosmos does not want to finance Vostochny spaceport anymore

The state corporation is not going to pay extra 7 billion rubles necessary for the completion of construction of the facilities of the first stage at the cosmodrome Vostochny.

The general contractor of construction of the cosmodrome Vostochny does not meet the budget: for the completion of facilities' construction of the first stage another 7 billion rubles are required. Roscosmos is not going to help reminding that all the promised funds have already been transferred to Spetsstroy.

According to Kommersant citing sources familiar with the situation, in the beginning of July one of the senior officials of the Federal Agency for Special Construction (Spetsstroy) stated that construction of the cosmodrome Vostochny had financial difficulties. Currently, there is not enough money to complete the construction of the first stage. The official said that all the problems could be solved with more funding. The size of the requested funds is about 7 billion rubles, according to Kommersant.

The Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, supervising the construction, reacted to this news negatively and the entire management of the state corporation Roscosmos, according to people involved in the construction, was shocked when they heard the news.

The main problem Spetsstroy faced was the inability to get the accreditation of all the objects that have already been built. The Deputy Prime Minister said that it is necessary to conduct an independent examination, which will compare the actual state of the building and accreditation.

During the first launch of the rocket vehicle Soyuz-2.1a from Vostochny, the so-called starting minimum was used: 11 facilities and objects, without which it is impossible to bring the spacecraft into orbit. 84 billion rubles was spent to achieve this. In total, the first phase of the construction includes 20 facilities, and the remaining 9 objects shall be transferred to the customer until October 31.

The builders call for new funds, despite the fact that they still did not report on spending the previous money: in April 2015 the General Prosecutor's Office was not been able to obtain data on how 16 billion rubles that had been allocated to the construction site were spent. The builders did not keep separate accounting of actual costs. Spetsstroy promised to look into the situation in the first quarter of 2016, but this did not happen.

The situation is extremely unfavorable for the further construction of the spaceport. The state corporation has no money to meet the needs of builders. The latter, in turn, may appeal to the changes that were made by the customer in the course of construction of the facilities, but it is unlikely these arguments will somehow influence the situation: Roscosmos simply has no available funds.

It is to be recalled that Spetsstroy has lost a status of the single contractor, and now the contractor for the second stage will be selected on a competitive basis.

According to Kommersant, Roscosmos insists that all the money was transferred to the general contractor in a timely manner.

The press office of Spetsstroy reported that the agency does not need additional funding, and no one asked for it. The rumors emerged from the address of the Director of FSUE Dalspetssstroy Yuri Voldodav which stated that the work must be paid in accordance with the estimates.

It should be noted that on June 17 in the Amur Region the construction of the second phase of the spaceport began. It is supposed to be completed in 2021.



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