Reuters: "Who's next?" – officials wonder in the wake of Ulyukaev's arrest

Reuters: "Who's next?" – officials wonder in the wake of Ulyukaev's arrest
Alexey Ulyukaev

Several Reuters interlocutors at the highest levels of power claim that following the first arrest of a Russian Minister for several decades, authorities plunged into feverish atmosphere of impending combing.

The arrest of the Minister of Economic Development of Russia on bribery charges has struck terror into the country’s political elite, Reuters reports. Officials worry that the high-profile case of Ulyukaev will mark the beginning of mass combing.

One of the governmental officials has drawn a parallel with the "housecleaning" in USSR, which "often ended in shootings and sending of people to forced-labor camps." Agency's interviewee recalled that the cultivation of Ulyukaev began one year before his detention, which gives more reason for concern. "We are all under scrutiny now," he stressed.

Some members of the government believe that even in the event of resignation from the civil service there will be no immunity against the arrest.

As Reuters notes, the concern prevailing among officials is partly due to the fact that the Ulyukaev's arrest took place in Rosneft's office. Thus, according to the news agency sources, "it is a signal that the prosecution of Ulyukaev was carried out with the assistance of the Company Head Igor Sechin."

Let us recall that on the nigh of November 15, Ulyukaev was arrested on charges of extorting a bribe of 2 million dollars for the confirmation of Rosneft acquisition of Bashneft’s shares. On the evening of November 15, the President Vladimir Putin dismissed Ulyukaev from the post of the Minister in connection with the loss of confidence.



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