Retired Leningrad Prosecutor accused of bribery

Retired Leningrad Prosecutor accused of bribery
Stanislav Ivanov was hospitalized with symptoms of severe poisoning and suspected exposure

Relieved from the post of the Leningrad region Prosecutor became involved in the case. Hospitalized on October 21 with the acute poisoning Ivanov was dismissed by the presidential decree today.

With respect to the former Leningrad Region Prosecutor Stanislav Ivanov a criminal case on suspicion of bribe-taking was opened.

According to Life, the police suspects Ivanov in several episodes of illegal receipt of funds from businessmen. It is reported that for several years Ivanov was given bribes totaling 20 million rubles.

Earlier today it was reported that the Leningrad Region Prosecutor Stanislav Ivanov was dismissed under the decree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with four Ministry of Internal Affairs Generals.

On October 21 the State Justice Advisor of 3rd Class offered his resignation. This happened a week after his hospitalization in St. Petersburg cancer hospital due to acute poisoning and suspected exposure.

City media reported that the Leningrad region Prosecutor's Office has been tested for the presence of toxic substances by Rospotrebnadzor employees on the personal order of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.



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