Relatives of Ministry of Industry and Trade Head’s advisor own $13.5-million real estate 

Relatives of Ministry of Industry and Trade Head’s advisor own $13.5-million real estate
Sergey Gorbunov Photo: Life

The family of Sergey Gorbunov purchased two mansions in the Moscow region and four apartments in elite Moscow residential complexes.⁠

Investigators found real estate in a cost of 800 million rubles ($13.5m) at a detained advisor to the Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Sergey Gorbunov, according to Life. It turned out that it is registered to his retired relatives. Most of the property was purchased after 2012, when Gorbunov took office as the adviser to the Minister.

The official's mother owns two houses of 400 and 200 square meters in the village of Aleksino, the Istra district of the Moscow region, on a land plot of 2.5 thousand square meters. The total cost of houses and land is estimated at about 100 million rubles ($1.7m).

Дома в деревне Алексино

Aleksino village

In addition, the pensioner is the owner of the site in the Moscow region's Novaya Riga, where the cost of the smallest plots is estimated at 10 million rubles ($169.000). In 2013, the woman purchased another apartment in the residential complex Krasnogorsky in Nakhabino, the approximate cost of apartments there varies from 3 to 12 million rubles (from $50.750 to $709.000).

ЖК «Красногорский»

Residential complex Solnechnaya Arka

The pensioner owns the real estate in the capital - an apartment in the elite residential complex Solnechnaya Arka in Sokolniki. The approximate cost of such an apartment is 25 million rubles ($423.000). Also the woman has two car places there.

Gorbunov's father-in-law and mother-in-law live side by side - they are the owners of two three-room apartments in the residential complex Na Yauze. The cost of their apartments can reach 30 million rubles. ($507.500).

Recall, according to the investigation, Sergey Gorbunov together with former director general of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Departmental Protection of Industrial Facilities of the Russian Federation (FSUE) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vladimir Podolsky and his sister, ex-accountant of OJSC Aviazapchast Tatyana Lityagina, organized a criminal scheme, thanks to which he received salaries for employees, who did not work in the institution. Now, all three are detained, they are charged with a particularly large fraud by the group.

The co-owners of the company are the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Federal Property Management Agency. FSUE itself, where dead souls worked, is at the stage of reorganization. Despite this, in 2017, the structure concluded 10 contracts for the protection of industrial facilities worth about 400 million rubles ($6.7m).

According to investigators, in 2012 Gorbunov and Lityagina employed certain Vladimir Bely. In fact, such an employee did not exist and Lityagina herself received his salary. For a year and a half of Bely's ‘work’, he was paid a salary of 3 million rubles ($50.750). The money was withdrawn from the ATM of Zenit bank, located in the building of Aviazapchast, where Lityagina worked.

During the investigation it was found out that Gorbunov's relatives ‘worked’ in the institution in the same way, in particular, his father-in-law, mother-in-law and son-in-law.

When checking the financial condition of the detainees, it was found out that Lityagina, with a salary of 150.000 rubles ($2.500), had more than 350 million rubles ($5.9m) in her accounts.



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