Reality TV star turns to be involved in Zakharchenko’s case 

Reality TV star turns to be involved in Zakharchenko’s case
Yana Saratovtseva

Dmitry Zakharchenko and Yana Saratovtseva were married for 1.5 years. Investigators believe that it was in this period that Zakharchenko made his main acquisitions, namely apartments, mansions, and luxury cars.

A new witness has appeared in the criminal case against MIA Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko. According to Life, she is the former wife of the Acting Head of the MIA General Administration for Economic Crimes and Combatting the Corruption Department T and former participant of the TV show Kholostyak (Bachelor) on TNT, Yana Saratovtseva.

The media outlet reported that Zakharchenko and Saratovtseva were officially married in 2013-2015. It is said that during the period of her participation in the TV show in 2013, Yana Saratovtseva was already in a relationship with the police officer, although the contenders for the project are thoroughly checked for such connections. After she had suddenly left the TV show, citing personal circumstances, other members found her phone (which is prohibited on the show) with amorous correspondence.

Life reports that Saratovtseva corresponded with her future legal spouse Dmitry Zakharchenko. It is reported that the police officer put forward tough conditions — they would officially register their relationship, if she left the TV project. This actually happened, however, they lived together only a year and a half. Zakharchenko’s colleagues say that he knew that previously Saratovtseva had been engaged in escort services, and suspected that the spouse continued to communicate with other men, which served as the reason for the divorce.


Dmitry Zakharchenko

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies believe that the period of their marriage coincides with the rapid growth of Zakharchenko’s welfare. Life reports that during those years Zakharchenko was buying luxury apartments and villas, and Saratovtseva was posting photos with expensive jewelery and elite cars from different countries on social networks. Therefore, investigators have a number of questions to her.

In particular, a source in the security services said, law enforcers are interested in whether she knew about the methods her spouse used to earn money. Judging from her social networks, Saratovtseva’s life has not changed much after her divorce.

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Yana Saratovtseva

Meanwhile, after divorce Zakharchenko returned to his common-law wife Marina Semynina. Their relationship started 12 years ago and she is currently bringing him care packages into the detention center. Zakharchenko and Semynina have a 9-year-old daughter Ulyana, who officially owns one of the luxury apartments worth 250 million rubles in the Moscow elite residential estate, which the colonel registered on his relatives. According to sources close to the investigation, members of Zakharchenko’s family have multiple luxury apartments in Moscow, an elite SUV fleet worth 25 million rubles, and real estate in the Rostov region.

On September 9, Acting Head of the Department T of the MIA General Administration for Economic Crimes and Combatting the Corruption Dmitry Zakharchenko was detained by the FSB on suspicion of bribe-taking and abuse of official powers. During searches in his sister’s car and apartment, law enforcers found more than 8.5 billion rubles in various currencies. After his arrest on suspicion of committing crimes under three articles of the Criminal Code, the police officer was dismissed from the state agency.

One of the main theories regarding the origin of the money is the theft from Nota-Bank. Back in Rostov-on-Don, Zakharchenko knew the financial director of the credit institution, Galina Marchukova.

On November 22, as part of Zakharchenko’s case, the Presnensky court seized more than $ 16 million in bank accounts. The information about the owner of these accounts falls under investigatory privilege and cannot be disclosed.



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