Real and personal – where are properties of Ulyukaev located 

Real and personal – where are properties of Ulyukaev located
Alexey Ulyukaev under home arrest Photo: CrimeRussia

It seems like former Minister wanted to feel like great landowner, that is why his properties are located practically everywhere – from Moscow to Crimea.

Court arrested property of Alexey Ulyukaev, which he had in large amount. You judge – according to the last declaration the former Minister owns 12 parcels of land with a total area about 160 hectares, an apartment house (530.9 sq.m), apartment (224.6 sq.m) and country house (196.5 sq.m of - in use). 5 sites in the Crimea with a total area of 1.81 hectares and 2 houses (161.6 and 250 sq.m) in the same place are registered to his spouse. At the same time the income of the ex-minister constituted 60 million rubles, and his spouse’s – 15 million. In recent years the Minister and his spouse were keeping in their garage - Land Rover Range Rover, Lexus RX, Lada 212140 (Niva) and trail car. Three last vehicles are registered to his wife.

So what exactly was arrested? From open sources it is known that it could be two land areas, 15 acres each, in the elite settlement of Velednikovo, in the Istra district of the Moscow Region with two cottages for 200 million rubles each. They are located near a pinery at the coast of the Istra River.

Дом в Веледниково

Photo: House in Velednikovo

Two more suburban areas, registered to Alexey Ulyukaev are located in the settlement of Kratovo of Ramensky district of Moscow area. The total cost of these sites is estimated at 25 million rubles.

The former Minister also owns land parcel in Strelets settlement in the Naro-Fominsk district near which there is a luxury country club with restaurant, a banquet room and a bath. And in the neighborhood there is settlement, where Natasha Koroleva, Lev Leshchenko, and Vladimir Vinokur live.

Ulyukaev also has a manor in the cottage settlement Yasenka of the Troitsk joint-stock company. This country non-profit partnership (CNPP) was specially created for the staff of the Central Bank. Considering that before his work in the government Ulyukaev was the First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank, two years ago he was presented there 42 areas and at the end of last year he bought himself 22 areas more.

 Участки Улюкаева в Ясенках (слева), и в Абрамово (справа)

Photo: Ulyukaev’s parcels in Yasenky (left) and Abramovo (right)

He also has his own house in the Podolsk district, in the settlement of Voronovskoye.

Finally, distant country house of the ex-official, which he calls a farm, is located in the Smolensk village of Abramovo. The house standing detached, of 530 sq.m, started being build in 2012, later other constructions appeared on the site. Besides, as locals tell – with his emergence roads in the village were repaired and gas supplied.

Other apartments are also registered to Ulyukaev: at the street Koshtoyantsa, 6, Uolofa Palma, 1 and on Lazarevy Drive, 26 (perhaps some of them belonged to him earlier). However, it is known that in the 5-roomed apartment in, so-called, "The Deputy house" on Uolofa Palma (area of Mosfilmofskaya Street) there now lives his son – Dmitry. The building was built for deputy corps of the State Duma and the Federation Council, from there the name appeared. It is surrounded by the elite ambassadorial quarter - residences of embassies of eleven countries, including Germany and Sweden are located here.

Дом на Уолофа Пальме

Photo: house on Uolofa Palma

However, the son of the arrested Minister is quite adult and independent person – lives, where he wants. Especially that he can independently earn for his apartment. As it became known from the “Panama papers” in 2004 Ulyukaev Jr. was the director of the offshore company Ronnieville Ltd registered on the Virgin Islands. In 2006 he was changed by Yulia Hryapina – the present wife of Alexey Ulyukaev. She remained in this status up to liquidation of the company in May, 2009. Now he is engaged in producing of movies.

At the same time, Ulyukaev serves he house arrest in the apartment of the elite complex Zolotye Klyuchi-2 on Minskaya Street. The high-rise buildings having penthouses with panoramic roofs adjoin to townhouses here and are in the picturesque valley of the river Xietun. In a complex there is the pool, a pond and even a zoo, and in the neighborhood – in housing complex Zolotye Klyuchi there is Dmitry Medvedev's residence. Housing costs from 40 to 400 million rubles here. The apartment of 224 sq.m of Ulyukaev is estimated at 100 million.

ЖК «Золотые ключи»

Photo: housing complex Zolotye Klyuchi

To recall, Ulyukaev was detained on November 14 on suspicion of taking a bribe of 2 million dollars. On November 15, the Basmanny Court of Moscow chose measure of restraint in the form of house arrest till January 15 concerning Ulyukaev. On the same day he was removed from the held Minister's post.



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