Ramazan Dzhalaldinov apologized; ‘kickbacks’ still persist in Chechnya 

Ramazan Dzhalaldinov apologized; ‘kickbacks’ still persist in Chechnya
Ramazan Dzhalaldinov

Residents of Kenkhi village do not withdraw their corruption accusations against the republican authorities.

So, Ramazan Dzhalaldinov apologized to Ramzan Kadirov, acting Head of Chechnya, who accepted the apology and noted that “some destructive powers attempt to use a Kenkhi native” do discredit local authorities. Surprisingly, but since the beginning of ‘Dzhalaldinov’s video campaign’, considerable changes can be seen in the village: roads paved, previous district authorities fired by Kadirov and new ones appointed. But first Kadirov personally visited Kenkhi to see dilapidated homes of the neglected village.

By accepting ‘Dzhalaldinov’s apology’, the acting Head of the Republic apparently agreed in his mind with Dzhalaldinov’s protest against unfair position of authorities towards the almost only Avarian village in Chechnya. Most of the Kenkhi population are Avar, not Chechen; the Avarian ethnic group lives mainly in Dagestan. However, Avar Ramazan Dzhalaldinov had spoken not only of injustice towards his nation; perhaps, he would now cease his appearances in press, but stories of his fellow villagers are already on the record. Novaya Gazeta published these stories (orthography preserved):

Село Кенхи.jpg

Alieva Khayzhar: “For all my life I worked for the benefit of the country; by my own hands mowed, ploughed, pulled weeds, and harvested… For all wealth accrued during the young years, built a home. Russian air forces bombed it. In 2007 Gadzhiev took me in the official Neva car, red color, to Shatoy village. We went to Rosselkhozbank and withdrew money, 350 thousand rubles. When we went out, he took me to the car and drove to village outskirts, to an old Mosque. And was taking by portions, 120 thousand each. Charged me five thousand fee for transportation, although a private taxi costs only 750 rubles…”


Khurmat Magomedova: “Our family received 800 thousand rubles in compensation for high water floods. Next day armed police officers arrived, the head of the village sent them. They took 180 thousand…”


Yunus Kadimagomedov: “Our home and family grazing lands have been damaged during the war. I paid 2500 rubles to agents for the package of documents to receive compensation. I received the compensation in Shatoy, in Rosselkhozbank. The bank was fenced with barbed wire. The head of the village came to the bank with me. The teller gave me the spreadsheet, and I signed for 350 thousand rubles. The teller counted two piles of money. One he gave to the head of the village, the other one – to me. I received only 105 thousand on hand…”

Zhalmerz Alidibirov, 6 children: “I live in other people’s home, next to my own. My home is destroyed. Partially, during the war, and mostly – by high water floods. My request for compensation for floods was declined. I asked to include me into the landslide control program – head of the village Gadzhiev said that there is no such program in the Shatoy District. Although we know that it exists. We even know who received millions from this program.

In fact, I have got all the documents required to receive compensation. Moscow even transferred money to my account in Rosselkhozbank. But they do not give me this money. The head of the village asked me: “When you get the money – any possible issues expected with paying the kickback?” I joked in response: “What issues can be when you have money? Problems are when you don’t have money…” But he knew that I won’t pay the kickback…”

Khabib Sadulaev, 4 children: “We received nothing, despite the submitted documents. The head of the village was promising to my father all these years: “You will get the money in a moment”. Last time he called in 2013, offered to take 105 thousand. My father agreed. But they still didn’t give the money. My father asked: “Why? You know, I agreed with the kickback”. The head said: “I don’t believe you”…”

Multi-million compensations transferred by the Federal Government to the Republic of Chechnya to aid those who sustained damages from the past war and landslides that occur every year in mountains, are subject to ‘extortions’ by local officials. Apparently, such things happen not only in the Shatoy District, where the Avarian village of Kenkhi is located. Chechen people, who probably believe that they must ‘pay’ to their own authorities, rarely protest against corruption among the officials. But the Avars, who have been living in the Republic from time immemorial and stayed in the mountains even after the war deportation of other people, believe that such extortions are unfair. Ramazan Dzhalaldinov started his protests not today, but only after his video petition and arson of the home where his family lived, media and authorities finally paid attention to the distressful situation with the village and its residents. And nobody knows whether the facts of widespread corruption and plundering of budget funds transferred for the residents of the Republic will be investigated or not. The ‘kickbacks’ tradition is practically incurable throughout the country.

Video: Ramazan Dzhalaldinov apologizes to Kadirov



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