Pyatigorsk: Deputy head of ICR arrested for bribe-taking

Pyatigorsk: Deputy head of ICR arrested for bribe-taking
Denis Pasyshin

An ICR officer was arrested when taking a 1.3-million-ruble (about $23.000) bribe. It should have been the first portion of a 3-million-ruble (about $53.300) bribe he extorted from a suspect accused of an economic crime for not prosecuting him.

A criminal case has been initiated against Deputy Head of the ICR Investigations Directorate for the Stavropol region Denis Pasyshin for breaking part 6 of Article 290 (Bribe-Taking on an Especially Large Scale) of the Russian Criminal Code, according to the Public Affairs Office of the Department of the Investigative Committee in the Stavropol region.

Pasyshin was arrested red-handed when taking a 1.3-million-ruble bribe during an operation of the FSB. The operation was carried out in end-March. The FSB also arrested Pasyshin’s accessory. He will be charged under part 4 of Article 291.1 (Mediation in Bribery Effected on an Especially Large Scale).

In November of 2016, Denis Pasyshin offered the heads of a for-profit Pyatigorsk company to pay him 3 million rubles for him not to prosecute the suspect accused of an economic crime, according to an investigation. Pasyshin made the offer with the help of an acquaintance. The suspect paid him a portion of money 4 month later under the FSB supervision.

The investigation is gathering evidence to press charges against the suspects now. It has yet to be known what pre-trial restrictions will be or were imposed on Pasyshin and his accessory, but the Committee Public Affairs Office pointed out Pasyshin was dismissed from the Committee even before the criminal case was opened.



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