Putin promised to establish order in Dagestan

Putin promised to establish order in Dagestan
Vladimir Putin in Dagestan Photo: Alexey Druzhinin / TASS

The President admitted corruption's flourishing in Russia.

 The need to get Dagestani economy act together was discussed at the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the public and officials of the republic.

Recall, the meeting was held on Tuesday, March 14, during a visit of the Russian Head to the republic of Dagestan amid the corruption scandal.

In particular, fuel business issues have been discussed. Putin noted that few of the 600 owners of gas stations pay taxes. "Maybe they pay someone?" the Head of state asked a rhetorical question, adding: "They take your money, the money of your children." Mr Putin also stressed that the fight against corruption would continue.

As the newspaper Kavkazsky Uzel writes, Putin pointed to the social and economic problems of the republic, drawing attention to the high level of unemployment, the strong dependence on federal subsidies and a large amount of public debt.

At a meeting with the leadership of Dagestan, Putin indicated that corruption has been flourishing in the republic, as well as throughout Russia. "There is such a problem in the country, and Dagestan faces it too," the President said. Putin expressed his confidence that many Dagestanis were honest people and would also support the fight against corruption, TASS quoted Peskov.

Since early February this year, an anti-corruption operation is underway in Dagestan. As a result, more than seven top officials from the administration of ex-chairman of the government Abdusamad Hamidov and two of his deputies Shamil Isayev and Rajudin Yusufov may face trial. All of them are in custody now.

To check the activities of the government bodies and law enforcement agencies in the republic, a special team of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation was formed. As a result, more than 70 criminal cases were initiated. According to sources close to the investigation, the detained republican officials would face charges over creation of a gang, which also included law enforcement officials.

It should be noted that last time Putin had visited Dagestan in 2008.



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