Prosecutors told about motives of bribe to Komi ex-officials from defendants of Renova's case

Prosecutors told about motives of bribe to Komi ex-officials from defendants of Renova's case
Vorkuta HPP Ltd. is 100% owned by PJSC T Plus Photo: Bekirov /

Management of the Energy Company IES (reorganized, the successor is T Plus) preferred to give a multi-million bribes the the Komi leadership instead of network upgrades.

The Komi Republic Prosecutor's Office found that leaders of IES gave a bribe of 800 million rubles to Komi senior officials (today they are defenants on Gaizer's case). For the reward public officials turned a blind eye to the failure of the law's fulfilment on the modernization of the objects of Vorkuta power plant. Vorkuta residents paid for the company's services, ramshackle networks of which operated with 18% of heat loss.

As previously the CrimeRussia reported, the Managing Director of Renova Evgeny Olkhovik, the CEO of T Plus Boris Vainzikher and the former Head of VimpelCom Mikhail Slobodin are suspected of bribery. Note that Slobodin served as the General Director of IES (reorganized, the successor is T Plus) since 2002, in 2010 he was replaced by Evgeny Olkhovik, and in 2012 Boris Vainzikher became the Head of the company. Olkhovik and Vainzikher were arrested on the eve by the Komi court for two months, until the investigation is carried out. Slobodin is on the federal wanted list. According to some sources, he is in London, on the other - in France.

The Komi Prosecutor's Office also reported that the Renova's case was initiated by the new material in Gaizer's case, as well as because of the Head of the Republican Tariff Service Ilya Pervakov, who made a deal with the investigation. It should be noted that the very official is accused of taking bribes in exchange for actions in favor of a number of energy and utility companies in the region.

Law enforcement agencies filed 36 criminal cases in the framework of activities for the decriminalization of housing and communal complex of Vorkuta. 15 persons were convicted under heard cases.



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