Prosecutors ask court to give ex-Head of Federal Tax Service’s Kurgan office real sentence

Prosecutors ask court to give ex-Head of Federal Tax Service’s Kurgan office real sentence
Yuri Kasianenko

Prosecutors keep insisting former Department Head Yuri Kasianenko is given a real sentence instead of a suspended one.

The prosecutors asked court to sentence Yuri Kasianenko to 5 years in medium-security prison. The final hearing will be held on June 28.

Kasianenko’s case is being heard behind closed doors. Former Service employee agreed to a plea bargain; he confessed to having helped a City of Tyumen company evade taxes. It is worth mentioning that Kasianenko’s defense team is asking court to give him a suspended sentence instead of a real one, arguing that their client had had good reputation and certificates of honor. They even presented a letter from Russian State Duma MP Aleksandr Iltyakov asking to go soft on Kasianenko.

It is worth mentioning that the prosecutors are also asking court to give a 4-year suspended sentence with 3-year probation period to Kasianenko’s subordinate Olga Kiseleva-Zakharova. She used to be the Department Compliance Division Head. It was she who participated in forging of reports on tax inspection of the company.

May we remind you that Yuri Kasianenko was the Russian Federal Tax Service Kurgan Department Head from October 2006 to October of 2014, as earlier reported by the CrimeRussia. He gave an assignment to his subordinates Svetlana Evdokimova and Olga Kiseleva-Zakharova between December of 2013 and September of 2014; he ordered them to inspect Tyumentel. They were to find non-compliances that would result in no more than 10 million rubles of fines. However, the company owed more than 70 million rubles of taxes in reality. The government suffered 67 million rubles in damages. Kasianenko was arrested in August of 2016. He was accused of exceeding official power.



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