Prosecutor's Office: Shestun got 27 kg of food from wife for his “hunger-strike” month

Prosecutor's Office: Shestun got 27 kg of food from wife for his “hunger-strike” month
Alexander Shestun

The former official denied the statement of the security forces.

Stepan Tyukovkin, the Moscow region’s representative of the Prosecutor’s Office, stated during a session of the Basmanny Court that Alexander Shestun, who had gone on a hunger strike in the pre-trial detention center, had received 27 kg of food from his wife for the month.

“He gives us false information that he is supposedly starving, to pressurize us, because he says it would ultimately lead to his death... In fact, he is not on a hunger strike at all, he eats a lot in the SIZO,” Tyukovkin said.

According to him, the defense lawyer of the former official actively disseminates false information about the hunger strike in order to force the court to soften Shestun’s verdict.

Tyukovkin added that the information about food transfers was provided by the detention center between March 19 and April 14. A total of 6 packages have been brought to him, mainly “with non-food content: cigarettes, socks, clothing, coffee beans, and wild rose.” At the same time, according to the prosecutor, “a special food supply operation was carried out for Shestun”, the former official “persuaded his cellmates to get them for him”.

“There are two persons in Shestun’s cell, one named Andrei Andreyevich Sergeev... Between March 19 and April 13, Sergeev received food packages from Shestun’s wife and daughter: prunes, dried apricots, washed carrots, cheese, Snickers bars, Bounty bars, Kit-Kat bars, smoked sausage," the prosecutor listed.

“This is a blatant lie,” Shestun responded to the prosecutor’s words at the hearing where he was present by videoconference from Matrosskaya Tishina, since he is in hospital as a person on a hunger strike.

Shestun explained the packages to his cellmate saying that it was his way of thanking his mate for cleaning because the former official was unable to do that himself given all of his health issues. “After May 9, I’m going to intensify the hunger strike and give up water,” he said.

According to his lawyers, Shestun has been on the hunger strike for more than 80 days. The fact that food gets transferred to his cell does not mean that Shestun eats it, the lawyers say.

The CrimeRussia said earlier that Shestun was the head of the Serpukhov district from 2003 till 2018. According to the investigators, during that period, he was illegally engaged in businesses through nominees. Together with his accomplices, the official allegedly committed large-scale frauds with municipal land, which was sold at a price ten times lower than the market one.

Shestun denies any wrongdoing and believes that his prosecution is associated with the district head’s intention to get re-elected.



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