Prosecutor’s Office pointed to violations of Head of St. Petersburg metro Vladimir Garyugin

Prosecutor’s Office pointed to violations of Head of St. Petersburg metro Vladimir Garyugin
Vladimir Garyugin

The supervisory authority has issued a report on antitrust laws violations.

The Prosecutor's investigation of St. Petersburg metro’s implementation of legislation on procurement of goods and services was held in June 2016. According to the agency’s press service, the inspection revealed violations. For example, inspectors found that there were no dates or period of procurement information provision in the procurement plan; no e-mail addresses in a number of notifications; moreover, provision on procurement was not placed in an electronic form in the unified information system.

This means that the procurement participants’ right to obtain reliable information had been violated.

As a result of detected violations, the Metro Prosecutor’s Office has initiated a case on administrative offence under part 5 of Art. 7.32.3 of the Russian Code on Administrative Offenses (Violation of the terms and conditions of a contract of supplying goods, works, or services by certain types of legal entities) against the Peterburgsky Metropoliten State Unitary Enterprise, and made a communication to the Head of the St. Petersburg metro Vladimir Garyugin.

Earlier, in July 2016, by decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service Office in St. Petersburg, the Metro was brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine of 100 thousand rubles. Peterburgsky Metropoliten State Unitary Enterprise appealed to the City Court of Arbitration, but its complaint was rejected.

Agency’s press service does not specify the procurement in question. As reported by, according to the materials of the Arbitration Court and the Federal Antimonopoly Service Office, in July 2016 the Antimonopoly Service considered the complaint of Ecoprom about the Metro’s actions justified, since the enterprise had not allowed the enterprise to bid for the construction of anti-erosion structures for Kupchino metro station. The contract price amounted to 64.49 million rubles.



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