Prosecutor of Leningrad region enjoyed view over Cabin of Peter the Great while taking bribes  

Prosecutor of Leningrad region enjoyed view over Cabin of Peter the Great while taking bribes
Stanislav Ivanov

To spare himself a long walk, Stanislav Ivanov would meet businessmen just near his home, at Volna restaurant on Petrovskaya quay.

New details have been unveiled in the bribe-taking case against Stanislav Ivanov, the former Prosecutor of the Leningrad Region. According to Life, he would meet businessmen to have their money at Volna restaurant on Petrovskaya quay overlooking the cabin of Peter the Great on the Neva embankment.

There’s a simple rationale for this choice: the restaurant is located next to an upscale residential complex on Michurinskaya Street where Ivan resides together with his wife. The website pointed out that a two-bedroom apartment in this house costs 26.5 million rubles. The complex has a gym with a tennis court, a swimming pool, a Turkish bath and a sauna.

Curiously, the restaurant has been closed for renovation since last month.


Earlier it was reported that the public Prosecutor of the Leningrad region was suspected of bribery. The investigation has evidence that over the last two years Stanislav Ivanov has been taking bribes from Aleksey Varichev, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Managing Company for Waste Disposal in the Leningrad Region and from Semion Kuzmin, a shadow businessman and US citizen.

According to investigators, the businessmen would finance the Prosecutor’s family vacations abroad, purchase of a Toyota Camry and other acquisitions and services.

As it had been said before, the former Prosecutor of the Leningrad region had been in trouble even before the criminal proceedings started.


On October 11, St. Petersburg press said Ivanov had been hospitalized with critical condition and put at the department for adults at Gorbacheva Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Transplantation. There were concerns he had been poisoned with an unknown substance. The Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika told Rospotrebnadzor to meticulously examine his office for signs of toxic substances. However, no official results of the search were published. After 10 days in hospital, the Prosecutor wrote a resignation letter addressed to the President Vladimir Putin.

On October 31, the President dismissed Mr. Ivanov from the Prosecutor’s post of the Leningrad region and in a few hours information surfaced that a criminal case had been initiated against the Prosecutor on suspicion of bribe-taking. The Prosecutor's office later clarified that Stanislav Ivanov had been dismissed from the institution with a note: "For violation of the Prosecutor's oath."



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