Prosecutor General’s Office wants stricter punishment for 'torpedo' agent prosecuted for selling seats in United Russia High Council

Prosecutor General’s Office wants stricter punishment for 'torpedo' agent prosecuted for selling seats in United Russia High Council
Vadim Alferov

Convict Vadim Alferov has been charged with 4 more counts of abuse of official powers by the MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (GUEBiPK) employees. A number of people had been convicted due to his frames-up.

The Meshchansky District Court of Moscow has sentenced former GUEBiPK detective Vadim Alferov to 2.5 years in prison for violation of article 33, part 5 (Complicity in a Crime) and 286, part 3 (Abuse of Official Powers) of the Russian Criminal Code.

Vadim Alferov had been imposed travel restrictions on prior to his trial since he had pleaded guilty, according to Kommersant. The former GUEBiPK detective (such people are dubbed ‘torpedoes’ in the GUEBiPK) agreed to a plea bargain offered by the Prosecutor General’s Office. He testified against a number of employees in great details. Alferov asked for a special type of investigation that does not involve evidence examination and interviewing witnesses.

The defendant hoped for a suspended sentence, Kommersant noted. However, the court gave him a 2.5-year custodial sentence. Alferov was arrested in the courtroom. The defendant is yet to appeal the decision. However, the Prosecutor General’s Office thought the sentence was too soft and appealed it, demanding to make it stricter despite having agreed to a plea bargain.

Let us remind you that Vadim Alferov was investigated for abuse of official powers by GUEBiPK employees that entailed grave consequences in late 2017. It led to GUEBiPK officers Sobol and Abramov being arrested for violation of part 3 of Art. 286.

The defendants participated in elaboration of a plan of former Zemlyane band producer Sergey Cherenkov and his suspected accessory Sergey Pokhilyuk between 2013 and 2014, according to investigators. Pokhilyuk had been convicted of fraud. The Main Office of Investigations of the Russian MIA Main Directorate in Moscow used materials of the GUEBiPK to investigate them for violation of articles 30 and 150 (Attempted Fraud) of the Code.

Pokhilyuk would pretend to be an intelligence agency general and offer ‘help’ to entrepreneurs. After Sobol and his subordinates were investigated in September 2013, Cherenkov and Pokhilyuk were accused of trying to sell a seat in the United Russia High Council through Vadim Alferov for $1.2 million. However, the investigators thought Cherenkov and Pokhilyuk were not actually able to pull that off and were going to simply steal the money. The Presnensky District Court convicted them in September 2014. However, the Moscow City Court canceled the decision and ordered an additional investigation 2 years later.

Pokhilyuk has been recognized as a victim in the Administration employees’ case, according to Pokhilyuk’s lawyer Maria Gabrilovich. The Main Office of Investigations finished investigating it a month ago.

Convict Alferov has been charged with 4 more counts of abuse of official powers by GUEBiPK employees, according to her. There are a number of new suspects, Gabrilovich said. They are Russian MIA officers.

Russian State Duma Administration head Andrey Vostrov, entrepreneurs Mikhail Golovanchikov, Vitaly Logunov, Grigory Dynnik, and Oleg Baran, and a former Russian Federal Migration Service employee and 2 of her friends are among victims, according to RBC’s yesterday report.

Deputy Head of the Administrative Division No. 25 of the Department ‘B’ of the Administration Colonel Aleksandr Sobol and Senior Detective of the same division Sergey Abramov were charged with illegal criminal investigation of 2 entrepreneurs who allegedly had tried to sell seats in the United Russia High Council for $1.2 million. Vadim Alferov helped the 2 defendants. The investigation against Sobol and Abramov has been complete. Prosecutors will receive the case file in early 2018. They will approve an indictment and refer the case to court. Sobol and Abramov pleaded not guilty. They are reading the case file.



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