Prosecutor General's Office raids Russian Railways

Prosecutor General's Office raids Russian Railways
Oleg Belozerov

Officially, the check is called planned, but sources report serious violations.⁠

The Prosecutor General's Office began checking the Russian Railways (RZhD). This information was confirmed immediately by two sources of Vedomosti, from the state monopoly and the investigative authorities. Official representatives of the company and the supervisory authority declare the planned nature of the events. At the same time, it is known that president of the Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov was recommended to fire head of the property department Pavel Potapov.

Sources of the publication say that it was known about the audit a month ago, although no one knows who initiate it and for what reason, it is known that materials are being studied since 2011 and the check may be conducted due to the affiliation of the state monopoly with the firms of a friend of Vladimir Yakunin Andrey Krapivin. Let us note that he personally and his close partners own dozens of companies that regularly receive multibillion-ruble contracts from Russian Railways.

A person close to RZhD says that the prosecution's check is partly connected with Krapivin, but this is not the only goal.

Last year, the consulting company Deloitte, after analyzing the optimization of RZhD's expenses, concludes that the state-owned company has a rather wasteful strategy. Orders are exhibited by large lots - 100 largest lots account for 2/3 of the budget. And the average amount of discounts on contracts does not exceed 2%, Deloitte calculated. This is the worst indicator among the largest state-owned companies. Deloitte admits that low efficiency of tenders may be a consequence of a certain interest. The consulting company also notes that at the stage of preparation of tender documents, and at the stage of competitive selection between customers in RZhD and applicants for government contracts the "non-market nature of relations" can be traced.

Recall, recently in Sweden a Russian citizen was detained - a member of the local branch of the famous Canadian company Bombardier. Supplying equipment for railways to Russia, the company is suspected of corrupting ties with Russian Railways and lobbying its interests in Russia with bribes. It is for sure known about one channel, when the Swedish branch of the world engineering giant delivered products to Russia through the intermediary company Multiserv Overseas Ltd., connected with Krapivin.

In addition, Novaya Gazeta calls Andrey Krapivin's son Alexey one of the main beneficiaries of money laundering on the 'Moldovan' scheme. From 2011 to 2014, his companies received $277 million (8.4 billion rubles) on its accounts with the Swiss bank. According to the newspaper, almost all the money "came from fictitious offshore companies in favor of which Moldovan bailiffs wrote off money from the accounts of Russian banks."

Moldova itself, we recall, conducts a large-scale investigation of this high-profile case of the withdrawal of billions of dollars from Russia through local banks. 18 large local officials, including heads of the National Bank and judges, are the figures on it.



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