Prosecutor General’s Office gives image of typical corrupt official

Prosecutor General’s Office gives image of typical corrupt official
Alexander Kurennoy

A white-collar criminal is characterized by the combination of positive qualities, says the supervisory authority.

An average corrupt official is a family man of 40 years old with a higher education, without bad habits, hardworking, energetic, sociable, initiated, restrained, complying with the rules of public order and not causing any suspicion. Such an opinion about the white-collar criminals was given by the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation.

“They are ready to work a lot, they have a high degree of self-control,” said the representative of the supervisory authority, Alexander Kurennoy, in a program aired on the TV channel Efir.

According to Kurennoy, most often, the causes of corruption crimes are revenge against the seniors and the desire to bolster self-esteem. And only a quarter of such criminals confessed that they were driven by “low moral qualities.”

Earlier, the head of the Prosecutor General’s Office for the Supervision of the Implementation of Anti-Corruption Law, Alexander Rusetsky, said that a corrupt official is a man of 30-49 years old, who is not afraid to serve several years in a colony, as he is confident of a comfortable future.



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