Prosecutor General's Office demands criminal prosecution against Russian Post Head

Prosecutor General's Office demands criminal prosecution against Russian Post Head
Dmitry Strashnov

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation detected illicit payments to Head of the Russian Post Dmitry Strashnov in the framework of an inspection for compliance with the federal law. Strashnov received 95.4 million rubles.

The Office has already sent the criminal case to the Investigative Committee for consideration, according to Aleksandr Kurennoy, an official spokesperson for the Committee. Strashonov may be prosecuted on the allegation of breaking the Article 201 of the Russian Criminal Code (Abuse of Authority).

Payment of the bonus to Strashnov for June 2015 Russian Post performance was illicit, according to the supervisory body. The man received more than 95 million rubles back then.

A bonus amount is determined based on a company’s financial statements, according to Kurennoy. In the case of Russian Post, June 2015 net profit amounted to 1.2 billion rubles.

The Office also sent cases against 2 directors of Departments of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation to the Committee. The men allowed paying the bonus to Strashnov. The Committee will assess whether the ministers broke the Article 293 of the Russian Criminal Code (Neglect of Duty) or not.

The Committee pointed out that it will make a proceeding decision upon considering the cases sent by the Office.

At the same time, the Ministry does not have information on the Office having opened a criminal case against Strashnov, according to TASS media edition.

However, Russian Post was able to gain such a profit thanks to targeted federal funding, according to an expert judgment. 5.4 million rubles allocated to Russian Post covered 4 million losses the company sustained, according to Kurennoy.

Russian Post did poorly in many areas and did not fulfill its plan for many others. The maximum bonus Strashnov could qualify for amounted to 3.2 million rubles, according to experts.

May we remind you that Russian Post published reports on Strashnov’s salary earlier. It amounts to 307 000 rubles a months plus 50% bonus for secret clearance.



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