Prosecution asked 4 years of colony for ex-Head of Novosibirsk region

Prosecution asked 4 years of colony for ex-Head of Novosibirsk region
Vasily Yurchenko

At the same time, the prosecutor also reduced the amount of damage caused by the official to Gaztranskom JSC, exceeding his official powers - from 17.7 to 14 million rubles.⁠

The prosecutor asked 4 years for a general regime colony for former Governor of the Novosibirsk region Vasily Yurchenko, who is accused of Exceeding Official Powers (part 2 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code).

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, the ex-official is accused of selling a property complex in the center of Novosibirsk at the address 54, Chaplygin Street (buildings built at the beginning of the XX century and the adjacent land) at a lower cost. According to the investigators, in 2010 Yurchenko gave a written instruction to the director of Gaztranskom JSC (this enterprise owned a property complex on Chaplygin Street) to cancel the auction, at which the complex was exposed at an initial price of 40.4 million rubles ($675.600). Later, in the same year, the land and foundation of the building were sold for 22.7 million ($379.600) rubles to Taktika LLC, affiliated with Oleg Deripaska's Russian Hotels. Taktika intended to build a hotel on the site. As a result of these actions, significant damage was caused to Gaztranskom JSC, 100% of which belonged to the Novosibirsk region.

It is noteworthy that initially the amount of the company's damage the investigation estimated at 17.7 million rubles ($296.000). However, today, August 15, during the court session it became known that the prosecutor reduced this amount to 14 million rubles. Moreover, the damage to the budget of the region in the form of non-payment of taxes and dividends, which was estimated at 4.3 million rubles ($71.900), was excluded from the case altogether.

Vasily Yurchenko continues to completely deny his guilt.

Recall that the trial of the former Governor has continued since December 2015. Initially, in relation to Yurchenko, two criminal cases were initiated. The first one is "about exceeding the official authority when transferring lands from the defense category to agricultural status". According to investigators, in May 2012 the ex-Governor ordered to change the status of lands that the Novosibirsk experimental plant of measuring instruments used for testing munitions, while the federal government has the right to change the status of such lands. However, in February 2017 the case was dismissed with the wording "for lack of corpus delicti".



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