Problem "solvers", detained in Moscow, turn out to be partners of billionaire Roland Isaev

Problem "solvers", detained in Moscow, turn out to be partners of billionaire Roland Isaev
Photo: Life

An oligarch Roland Isaev, along with the defendants in the "problem-solvers case" Hudadat Rubinov, as well as the son and brother of Nizami Yusubov, is a co-founder of the Moscow company Market Stroy Servis.

The Market Story Servis Limited Liability Company is engaged in construction of buildings, as well as the lease of real estate in the Russian capital. According to the Spark database, the founders of the company, apart from the co-owner of the Golden Babylon mall Roland Isaev, are Hudadat Rubinov, as well as a son and brother of Nizam Yusubov - Yusuf and Tofik.

As The CrimeRussia previously reported, Hudadat Rubinov and Nizami Yusubov had been charged with organizing illegal migration as part of the organized crime group. On Friday evening, July 15, they were arrested by the Tverskoy Court of Moscow.

Yusubov and Rubinov, who were arrested for thirty days in the case, initiated back in 2013, categorically refused to plead guilty, though, according to the Main Investigation Department staff, it was they, who organized brothels for illegal workers from Asia in the Izvestiya publishing house.

Previously, investigators Vladimir Andrievsky and Viktor Rubashkin received 2 million rubles from a mediator Roman Manashirov in return for the termination of the case. The main suspects in the case were Jean Rafalov and his brother.

A source of Life said that at the recent questioning former investigator Viktor Rubashkin admitted that he had brought them out the case on purpose. Yusubov and Rubinov were detained in Moscow, their homes and offices were searched. Law enforcement officers failed to detain the third suspect, a Syrian national Kassado Alla, who managed to escape from Russian justice in his homeland.



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