Primorye CID head protected illegal forest business of Chinese

Primorye CID head protected illegal forest business of Chinese
Andrey Milyaev

Certain details have become known about the detention of Andrey Milyaev.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the MIA Directorate in the Primorye region, Andrey Milyaev, who has been detained by FSB officers, had a stake in illegal logging business for more than three years. This is reported by Zolotoy Most.

The investigation has found out that in 2016, the silovik discussed the purchase of equipment for processing and storing timber in the amount of more than 10 million rubles ($157,855) with his friend. The equipment was stored on a land plot in the city of Dalnegorsk. It was here that Chinese illegal immigrants worked. They were in the territory of the Primorsky region without the documents required by law.

Milyaev and his business partner then sent the processed timber abroad. The security official earned about 200 thousand rubles ($3,158) a month. He has been charged with taking a bribe of almost 5 million rubles ($78,950).

In addition, it has been found that Milyaev warned the “logging business” about inspections in the field of forest legislation by the law enforcement agencies of Primorye. This made it possible to conceal the illegal operations. Thus, he has become a defendant in the case of Abuse of Official Powers.

The FSB added that according to the results of the searches, no large amounts were found on Milyaev, as some media publications wrote earlier.



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