Premium real estate and a large amount of money were given back to Evgenia Vasilieva

Premium real estate and a large amount of money were given back to Evgenia Vasilieva
Evgenia Vasilieva

Within the confines of the Oboronsevis case Vasilieva's Moscow flats, jewelries and antiques were arrested.

Media discovered that six real estate items and a huge amount of money were returned back to the ex-official of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation – defendant in the case of embezzlement of millions of rubbles.

It is known that in 2012, when the investigation of the case connected with corruption in the Ministry of Defense had started and Vasilieva had been incriminated in Art. 159 p.4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Large Scale Fraud”, her possessions were seized.

There is information that the ex-official owned a four-room flat located in Molochniy lane, a thirteen-room apartment in the Zolotaya Milya District, which is located in the historical center of Moscow between Prechistenka and Ostozhenka Streets and some other objects.

It is also familiar that within the confines of the payoff for actual damage, 51 thousands of precious stones, 19 kg of golden jewelries and several millions of rubbles (except real estate possessions) were withdrawn during the house-check.

The damage done to the state by this bureaucrat was estimated at 647 million of rubbles.

Let us remind, that in the spring of 2015 Evgenia Vasilieva was adjudged guilty in theft on a large scale and was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.

In July 2015 she was transferred to women’s penal colony in the Vladimir Region, however, media reported that Evgenia Vasilieva was noticed walking in the center of Moscow in August. The Federal Service for Execution of Punishment had to officially notify citizens that the ex-official serves her sentence in the penal colony №1, located in village Golovino, the Vladimir Region.

Although at the end of August it became clear that Vasilieva got a parole from Moscow Regional Court based on lawyers’ prayers for relief and… quite positive characteristics from the colony’s administration. In spite of established ten days period of entry judgment into legal force, Evgeniya Vasilieva left the colony and the Vladimir Region on the same day.



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