Policemen caught extorting bribe from Moldovan migrant worker in Moscow

Policemen caught extorting bribe from Moldovan migrant worker in Moscow

A criminal case has been initiated against three police officers who have been extorting a bribe from a citizen of Moldova in the Moscow region.

They are charged with attempted swindling on a large scale through abuse of office (part 3 of Art. 30 and part 3 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code).

According to the regional ICR, in February this year, two police officers from the criminal investigation of one of the police departments of Leninsky district, Moscow region began extorting 350 thousand rubles (6 thousand dollars) from a citizen of Moldova. They found a ‘strong’ argument as a reason for demanding money, namely, they would not bring him to justice, nor would they make his life miserable due to the consequences of criminal prosecution. In return, he had to pay them 350 thousand rubles. Meanwhile, the man who fell under the police officers’ pressure had not committed any crimes on the territory of the Russian Federation, and there were no grounds to prosecute him. As a result of negotiations, they agreed on 300 thousand rubles (5 thousand dollars).

February 16, the police officers were detained by law enforcers after receiving the required amount from their victim.

Both extortionists are currently under house arrest. In addition, as established by the investigation, their boss – head of the police department – is also involved in the crime. He has been detained. A measure of restraint is currently being elected for him. The investigation into the criminal case continues.



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