Policeman who covered trade in Moscow trains brought to trial

Policeman who covered trade in Moscow trains brought to trial

Transit police commander at Kuskovo station was given away by none other than his own subordinate.

The Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office initiated a criminal case against the Transit police commander with the Patrol-Sentry Service at Kuskovo station under the Article Exceeding Official Powers (part 1 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code). The police officer is suspected of taking bribes from illegal sellers in Moscow trains.

The investigation was opened after one of the commander’s subordinates turned to the prosecutor, and the issue was covered by the Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Police officers began to suspect their superior after he had repeatedly forced his subordinates to bypass the law releasing illegal sellers. At the first time police officers released the traders after the call from their bosses, at the second time they took them to the office where they began to prepare a report. Suddenly, their superior showed up and immediately destroyed the report. To the question whether he was involved in the underground business the official gave a very rude reply. After the incident, the traffic police officers were transferred to the Moscow-Kurskaya linear department.

The MIA officers recorded all their talks with the boss on tape. Besides, they managed to record questioning of a tradeswoman who said she had paid a monthly fee to the commander amounting to 2.5 thousand rubles and thus had no problems doing her business.

The Prosecutor's Office is now dealing with the criminal case.



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