Policeman convicted for swindling avoids prison time

Policeman convicted for swindling avoids prison time

The criminal has served the prison term in the pre-trial detention center during preliminary investigation.

Saratov’s court convicted former police officer Murad Ektumayev, 28, for swindling and sentenced him to six months of imprisonment and released him, since the convict had already served the prison sentence. The ex-policeman pleaded guilty and compensated the victims for the damage. Regarding two episodes, the parties came to reconciliation, the press service of the regional ICR reports.

As the investigation established, in the period from October 30 to October 31, 2017, Ektumaev detained a man for an administrative offense and demanded that he give the phone and passport for inspection. After that, the law enforcement officer took 10,000 rubles ($ 150) put in the passport, entered the banking application on the detainee’s phone and transferred seven thousand rubles ($ 110) to his friend’s account. In March 2018, in a similar way, Ektumayev transferred another 16,000 rubles ($ 250) from another detainee’s account. 

At the preliminary investigation stage, Ektumayev pleaded guilty and paid the money to the victims. The investigators have established two more episodes of swindling, but the criminal case was terminated due to the parties’ reconciliation.



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