Poklonskaya responds to allegations of corruption

Poklonskaya responds to allegations of corruption
Natalya Poklonskaya

The State Duma deputy said that she does not have real estate in Donetsk, and she only visited the city in transit. Now the parliamentarian intends to initiate a series of inspections at Transparency International.⁠

State Duma Deputy Natalya Poklonskaya said that she does not and cannot have an apartment in Donetsk. Moreover, the deputy head of the Duma Committee for Security and Combatting the Corruption stated that she intends to initiate a number of inspections in relation to the Russian office of the international organization Transparency International, the experts of which had discovered Poklonskaya’s allegedly undeclared real estate.

“I will ask the Russian Prosecutor General's Office to conduct checks into the crimes committed based on the elements of the following articles [o the Russian Criminal Code]: 201 (Abuse of authority by a person discharging managerial functions for commercial purposes), 128.1 (Slander), 137 (Spreading of information about the private life of a minor child without the person’s consent), and 170 (Registration of Illegal Land Transactions),” she told RBC.

Poklonskaya believes that after being inspected by the supervisory authority under the four articles of the Criminal Code, the human rights defenders will “go about their true business, that is, sawing wood.”

The State Duma deputy stressed that she used to pass through Donetsk.

“They’ve decided to frame me with an apartment of 29 square meters? That’s not very generous! I wonder if they would eventually stumble upon a villa or a yacht?” the deputy said.

Answering the question whether the surname Dubrovskaya is relevant to her, the deputy answered: “I am Poklonskaya. My personal record since birth (the birth certificate) and up until [leaving] the Prosecutor General’s Office is stored at the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine. They are certified documents, and I have no idea what they do with these documents in Ukraine for political reasons.” Later, on her Facebook page, the MP wrote that she took the name Poklonskaya in 2004.

In an interview with Dozhd TV Channel, the parliamentarian explained why she used two office apartments – in Moscow and in Simferopol (granted to her during her service in the Prosecutor's Office of Crimea) – at the same time. She noted that she could use the prosecutor's apartment until the commission of the Prosecutor General's Office decided otherwise. “At the moment, I can use this apartment; I pay the maintenance bill and the communal services. When I visit Simferopol, I stay in this apartment. Which is why it is indicated as service housing in the declaration of 2016,” the deputy explained.

Let us recall that the other day Transparency International published an investigation, according to which Natalya Poklonskaya may have an undeclared apartment in Donetsk with an area of 29.9 square meters. This property is registered in the name of Natalya Vladimirovna Dubrovskaya. The investigators believe the surname Dubrovskaya is the maiden name of the State Duma deputy. The anticorruption organization sent a statement to State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin with a request to verify the authenticity of information from Poklonskaya’s declaration, and if the information of the investigators was confirmed, deprive Poklonskaya of the mandate. In addition, the organization sent a letter to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika with a request to verify the legality of use of the service apartment in Simferopol, which was to be transferred to Poklonskaya’s successor.

Previously, the declaration of the State Duma deputy had already attracted public attention. For example, the Yabloko party demanded to check why Poklonskaya failed to indicate her husband and car (she was assessed a transport tax) in the documents, while earlier she had repeatedly stressed in interviews that she had a “wonderful family, a husband and a child.” In an interview with RIA Novosti, Natalya Poklonskaya said that she “broke up with a man to whom she was going to get married” and had not announced this because she “did not want to give hope to her admirers.” As for the car, she gave it to her father.



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