Place under investigation. Who is replaced by ex-Head of Losino-Petrovsky Oleg Fetyukov this time? 

Place under investigation. Who is replaced by ex-Head of Losino-Petrovsky Oleg Fetyukov this time?
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Former Head of the Losino-Petrovsky district of the Moscow region, Oleg Fetyukov, did not enjoy his power in the local administration for a long time. Just a year after his appointment, the long-term deputy of Andrey Vikharev voluntarily resigned. The courageous step did not save Fetyukov from arrest. Immediately after this, a number of media outlets stated that Fetyukov was “set up”– the charges seem too small to his defenders. The enemies attributed to Fetyukov did not achieve too much either. So whom does the ex-head of Losino-Petrovsky “replace” under investigation and how long will the investigators be content with the replacement?

State Services Fair

On the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty, a seasonal fair opened in Losino-Petrovsky. Here there are far more of them (fairs) than seasons. After all, the population, as the president of the Association of Exhibition and Fair Activity Natalya Alferova assures, “is distinguished by high solvency.” On these July days, the words of Alferova are checked not only by practice, but also by the investigation, which considers that the most regular fairs affected the solvency of former District Head Oleg Fetyukov. Since the end of May, Fetyukov himself has been in jail, where for now he has only shown complete secrecy. 

Oleg Fetyukov

Oleg Fetyukov

According to the investigators, since 2016, Natalya Alferova regularly increased Fetyukov’s solvency so that solvent residents of the Moscow region as often as possible used this capability at fairs organized by Alferova. The money was sent either to the account of NP Community Losino-Petrovsky, or in cash in good old envelopes. In three years, as calculated by the investigators, the head of the district received 960,000 rubles ($15,240). The sums could look more solid, but the security officials prudently considered that Fetyukov took “fair” bribes only until the end of 2018. As for the current year, it is still unclear, otherwise, it might have been necessary to cancel the fair. 



Decision to institute criminal proceedings against Fetyukov

Interestingly, the investigation has no complaints to Natalya Alferova, as well as to the head of the non-profit partnership and the head of the local Public Chamber, Valery Gerasimov. But a certain citizen M.A. Mamedov, who transferred 20,000 rubles ($300) to the former head of the district, got under arrest. The mediator in the transfer of a bribe, according to some data, was an expert of the legal department, E.M. Yershova. But the names in this story fade in front of the numbers.

After the billions seized from police colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko and FSB colonel Kirill Cherkalin, the public could not accept the sum of 20,000 rubles ($300). Both supporters and opponents of Oleg Fetyukov agree that the amount is implausible. While the latter are hoping for a further search for law enforcement, the former are trying to uncover a conspiracy against the slandered mayor. Their main argument is a real distemper, rising in the district administration with the departure of Fetyukov. 

And a job fair

The accused ex-mayor left, it must be admitted, voluntarily, resigning himself a week before his arrest. The powers of the mayor Fetyukov were handed over to his deputy Sushchenko "by right of succession." However, Fetyukov, as usual, had several deputies. One of them, Oleg Vershinin, decided that he would manage the city economy better. No sooner said than done. Vershinin got rid of a competitor to the "throne" simply and gracefully – he fired Sushchenko for unexcused absence, giving him a bonus at the same time so that he would not to be offended. And, of course, he appointed himself to the position of the head. The paper managed to bear it, but the public could not. 


Fetyukov's resignation and order for the appointment of Sushchenko




Sushchenko’s dismissal and Vershinin’s self-designation

In Losino-Petrovsky, people do not love Vershinin. The bureaucratic self-appointment provoked a series of scandals around Fetyukov’s deputy. He was reminded of the distribution of apartments in new buildings under the guise of resettlement from emergency housing in the village of Biokombinat. It is enough to register the right people in the emergency house, and then heroically save them. According to the local resident Galina Molchanova, one of the houses in the village is getting “resettled” for the third time, and it is still unknown how those close to Vershinin get the new apartments. But this, as they say, is an old performance, with which Vershinin was on stage before attaching the villages of the Biokombinat and Zheleznodorozhny to Losino-Petrovsky. New magic tricks were not forgiven to the magician. After the active resistance of local residents, Vershinin himself was dismissed now, creating at first glance a logical version of his confrontation with Fetyukov.

According to the “popular” version of the events, the former head fell victim to an implacable struggle with local developer Grigor Agekyan represented by the Arkada company. The conflict really took place, only Oleg Fetyukov does not look like a fighter for justice in it. Arkada built housing for the resettlement of citizens from dilapidated and emergency housing. And when the waiting list from the village of Sverdlovsk had already packed their suitcases and were preparing to move to the village of the Biocombinat, the latter was united with Losino-Petrovsky. The head of Losino-Petrovsky apparently decided to actually show the coming of the new government. Fetyukov simply refused to sign an additional agreement with the developer. It should be noted that the agreement was a formality, changing in the main contract the side of the customer represented by the administration of the urban settlement Sverdlovsk to the administration of Losino-Petrovsky.

However, Fetyukov recalled the officer's past and out of the blue started a war. But all three claims of compulsion to conclude a contract filed by Arkada against the administration of Losino-Petrovsky, the defendant quite expectedly lost. There was only a question: for what was actually the struggle? Maybe for the fact that another company would build housing for those living in emergency houses? For example, Garantiya-Stroy, which became for Fetyukov a springboard from the bodyguards of the Kirov governor to the disorderly ranks of the Moscow Region heads.

Built to death 

He failed to "move" Agekyan’s company. Maybe because Fetyukov was not used to being at the head of something? As a deputy, he was much more efficient. Since 2009, he worked in the very Garantiya-Stroy where Fetyukov became attached to the new chief - Andrey Vikharev. He became attached so much that even the civil service could not separate them. Vikharev in 2014 headed Losino-Petrovsky, and Fetyukov replaced one of the previous deputies. And according to the old habit of a bodyguard, he securely protected the chief. And there was something to cover. 

Andrey Vikharev

Andrey Vikharev

Already by the time Vikharev was appointed to Losino-Petrovsky, the construction company of a “good crisis management manager,” as Governor Andrey Vorobyev had introduced him, had left thousands of defrauded real estate investors in Ramenskoye and Zhukovsky without flats. In Ramenskoye, Garantiya-Stroy promised to build 20 apartment buildings with all the necessary infrastructure. At about the tenth building, the construction froze completely. Over time, the holders themselves began to die. In Ramenskoye, six shareholders of the Garantiya-Stroy system died.

By this time, the Garantiya-Stroy portfolio already had one long-term construction project - the Borisoglebsky residential complex, the fourth line of which the residents entered only in 2017 and made it illegally. More precisely, the developer made it illegally, voluntarily connecting to the engineering networks, and then the tenants could not get a certificate of ownership. In Zhukovsky, on account of another infamous Vikharev’s building company there is just one house, real estate investors can even admire it from afar. On the 25 towering floors one cannot do only one thing - to live. How with such baggage one can earn the reputation of a "crisis manager?"

The fact that since 2011 Vikharev was a deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma from the Liberal Democratic Party played its role. And when the situation was tense in Ramenskoye, he kept his finger on the pulse: he joined the working group to complete the construction of problem objects. That is, he began to manage the crisis, which he himself had created. A deputy with such talents could not be overlooked. Although Andrey Vikharev tried to get lost in his natural modesty. He created an extensive network of companies, led the business offshore, even changed his name in 2006. He was Asfan Vikharev and became Andrey. It is a small thing but it makes the search for property difficult. In Panama Papers Vikharev was discovered only in 2017 – two years after the publication of the archive.

Vocation to replace 

However, the best way to conceal property is good old denominations. Here, by the way, the faithful assistant Oleg Fetyukov was very useful to Vikharev. He turned out to be kind and offered help to his elderly mother. So, a modest pensioner Iraida Fetyukova became the owner of eight companies, one of which was headed by the spouse of Andrey Vikharev. But one cannot put everything on an elderly woman! Fetyukov himself did not sit with folded arms.

Someone had to organize at least fairs in Losino-Petrovsky, while Vikharev tried to seize the local long-term residential complex Svetly. The shareholders, by the way, did not appreciate the efforts of the new mayor, and immediately ceased to be deceived. Vikharev reasonably decided that people who are so hard to cheat would not need the status of a problem object. Two shareholders of Svetly died, unable to bear the hopelessness of the situation.

But for the solvent population, life boiled and raged - mainly at fairs. For them, the townspeople are ready to forgive Fetyukov a lot. On the wave of success with the public, he managed even what Vikharev was unable to do – to join the villages of Biokombinat and Zheleznodorozhny to the okrug. True, there is a risk that the wave of popular love will subside with the arrival of a new appointee – the young smiling ex-football player Ivan Kurdanin. New Acting head of Losino-Petrovsky can quickly erase from the memory of the local residents Vikharev’s Sancho Panza. And this may affect the memory of Fetyukov himself. Already, investigators are trying to get away from the topic of urban commerce, being interested in road construction in Losino-Petrovsky. And during questioning, word for word, it can also be a question of housing construction. Or Fetyukov will "replace" the now former chief here as well?



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