Peskov asked not to link thefts in Roskosmos with Rogozin

Peskov asked not to link thefts in Roskosmos with Rogozin
Dmitry Rogozin

The Kremlin spokesman recalled that the new Head of the corporation has been working for less than a year.

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov commented on the information about new thefts in Roskosmos and urged not to associate them with the work of the Head of the state corporation, Dmitry Rogozin.

“This (uncovering of violations) is made with by law enforcement agencies. This is the first point. The next point is that Mr. Rogozin actually has been heading Roskosmos for a little less than a year,” said Peskov, responding to a request from journalists to comment on the General Prosecutor’s Office’s report on embezzlement in some state corporations, including Roskosmos.

According to the press officer, in this case it is wrong to focus attention only on the Head of the enterprise, since the investigation covers a rather long period of the corporation’s work. Peskov stressed that "in general, the work of such major strategic corporations, of course, is under special control."

Earlier, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chaika in a report to the Federation Council noted the initiation of criminal cases on theft of more than 1.6 billion rubles ($24.7 m) in the enterprises of Rostekh and Roskosmos. This refers to the funds allocated for the modernization of production and work on new weapons.



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