Perm region: official tried for financial fraud

Perm region: official tried for financial fraud

In the Perm region, in the town of Kungur, the trial of an official, who was caught on financial fraud, begins.

In the Perm region, the investigating authorities have completed a criminal investigation against the former head of the municipal budgetary institution "Management of property and land relations of the Perm Territory city of the Kungur Administration". The former official was charged with Swindling on a large scale through official position (part 3 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code).

The investigating authorities have determined that in the autumn of 2010, the suspect, who at the time was the head of the municipal budgetary institution Administration for Property and Land Relations, came up with a criminal plan: he would get money from a businessman, who addressed him about getting a land for rent in the city with its subsequent purchase.

It is noteworthy that, extorting money from the businessman, he decided to use as his protection the authoritative name of the Head of Kungur. The latter, by the way, was not aware about his fraudulent plans.

To implement his plan into reality, the official told the businessman that all matters related to the land plot of the entrepreneur’s interest, both renting without bidding, and its sell out, are decided by the Head of the city. In fact, these decisions were within his competence.

At that, the Head of the Administration for Property and Land Relations told the businessman that for a positive decision, the Mayor demanded at least 600 thousand rubles as a gratitude. The money was to be transferred through him and in cash. In November 2010, the deceived businessman gave the officer the required amount, and the latter diposed of the money at his own discretion.

This financial crime was identified by the employees of the MIA Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption in the Perm region. To date, the investigating authorities had gathered enough evidence to support the fact of crimes committed by the official. After the indictment will be approved, all materials of the case will be transferred to the court for further consideration on the merits.

As for the deceived businessman, he also was checked for the fact of bribery, however, the criminal case against him was not initiated because of statutes of limitations.



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